Neo Angelique Abyss

Season 2 Episode 12

To The Sky...

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Angelique tells Bernard she is leaving Ervin in his care and he asks her if there is another way besides her having to go to the Holy Lands alone to pray for the world. He asks if there is anything human power can do but Angelique says Arcadia does not have time right now and without a Queen it will fall into chaos and could be destroyed. One day it might be possible to attain peace through human efforts. Bernard tells Angelique he wants her to be happy for herself, not just "the people of Arcadia's happiness is my own". Later Roche talks to Angelique, admitting at first he never believed there was a Queen and only cared for money but then he met her. Now he wants to all he can for Arcadia as well as Angelique with his own power. He begs Angelique not to go. Meanwhile, Hyuga, J.D., and Rayne each think to themselves of how they don't want Angelique to go and they want to be by her side forever as they prepare dinner. Dinner time is dead quiet and Angelique does not have an appetite. She soon bursts into tears once more and runs from the table, apologizing. On the beach, Jet approaches Angelique, asking why she is crying. Angelique tells it is because she will not be able to see everyone after she goes to the Holy Land and Jet tells her not to go if it makes her sad. Angelique says she wants to protect Arcadia from ruin and Jet tells her to go. Jet then asks if she is not her own master, that she should walk the path she desires. The next morning Angelique is smiling once more and eating. Angelique tells Bernard the path she wants to walk is the one of seeing the people of Arcadia happy and it is her happiness to walk that path. The Aube Hunters prepare to leave on the Ship of Stars and Angelique says her farewells to people. Just as the Ship is taking off to the sky, Erenfreid discovers a bomb planted on the ship which Erebos planted. Jet takes off to take care of the bomb and finds it but cannot dispose of it over the side or else it will kill everyone below. Jet then jumps off the side of the Ship with his arms wrapped around the bomb, attempting minimize the explosion as he falls into the forest below. The Ship of Stars successfully disembarks and the Hunters make their way toward Erebos' lair to rescue Nyx and defeat Erebos.moreless
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