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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Cartoon Network (ended 1996)



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A widely followed TV animation series with fascinating characters, a captivating sci-fi premise, dynamic battle scenes, and a super-high density of information that incorporates Judeo-Christian concepts and psychoanalysis as only a few of the elements that allowed Neon Genesis Evangelion to surpass the realm of all anime that had come before it and made a work worthy of the title "New Century (Neon Genesis)." The show began airing in October 1995 with the planning, original story and production handled by GAINAX, who had previously worked on such shows as Wings of Honneamise and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Hideaki Anno, a representative creator of GAINAX, was at the heart of the production work and his individuality colors every aspect of the show. A manga version by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto began running one month prior to the series premiere and new chapters are still being produced.

Neon Genesis Evangelion had the ardent support of fans, and its popularity boomed even after it finished its first run in March of 1996. Its influence was not limited to anime fans but also spread to the general populace, and it was even called the third impact, following Space Battleship Yamato and Mobile Suit Gundam. At the height of the Eva boom in 1998, the theatrical Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion were released. The theatrical releases were created as a separate version of the climax depicted in the TV series. Four movies retelling the story of Evangelion (without GAINAX) are to follow in the coming years.

A good place for any Evangelion related information is the Neon Genesis Evangelion Wikipedia page.



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  • The best series ever made (for people looking for a challenge)

    I have to say the reviewers in this page critize this series for the stupidest shit posible. They are nothing more than casuals that are graded to watching something humane, something with a deep understanding of the nature and interactions and the problems that come with depression and stress, all made using groundbreaking techniques for the animation medium.

    Just reading the latest reviews you understand that they gave the characters and the story two seconds of attention and then they moved on, without thinking of what they had seen. Just to clear this up. THE SERIES DOES GIVE YOU AN EXPLANATION ABOUT WHY 14 YEAR OLDS HAVE TO PILOT THE ROBOTS. Good god, the show in an of itself is a deconstruction on the mecha genre.

    And the fact that the only things these guys are capable of saying about the characters is that "they are annoying" just goes to show the ignorance and the stupidity in this anime community. Lets just say, the characters are all well defined with inner conflicts and reson d'etre, and the show treats them in a surrealistic and innovative ways. They are most certainly some of the best characters written on fiction. The downside is that people like these reviewers bellow don't care about belivable and human chracters they care about fun and action oriented characters that pander to their own sense od escapism.

    If you want a show that demands attention from the viewer, that asks heavy questions and shows the true nature of humanity without veils then watch it. If you prefer to watch some show to escape your reality and have fun, then you better look elsewhere.moreless
  • Perhaps beating Naruto as the worst anime ever.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is overrated in every possible way. It's worse than Naruto, and that's saying something. The characters to me seem cliched and uninteresting. Especially the main character, who is called Shinji. In all honesty I don't really think the animation is of that high a standard. And of course my main problem with this show is it's just boring. Instead of being powerful or interesting it's plot will put you straight to sleep. The plot also travels at snail's pace. There are 26 episodes but in all honesty I could imagine there being only 13 episodes. Anyway, that's my review. Please don't get offended by what I say. This is just my opinion. If you happen to like NGE then that's fine by me.moreless
  • In future Japan, Angels are trying to destroy humanity. Evangelions are piloted by carefully selected teenagers, but what is the story behind the Evangelions?

    In future Japan, something called Angels are trying to destroy humanity altogether. Evangelions have been built for protection piloted by carefully selected teenagers but what is the actual story behind the Evangelions?

    I watched the show with its original Japanese voices. Not that it matters, concerning the story itself, I think.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion started out pretty well, grew stronger as it went, but honestly, the last four or so episodes totally threw me off the track - and not in the good way. Perhaps they were trying to dig too deep into into all the psychological aspectshe of this anime series . In my eyes, it was the worst ending possible.

    Either way, NGE looks good, and the characters get to evolve a little too. Most of them don't go too "overboard", either (a side to anime that I'm yet to get accustomed to). The art quality is the same from end to beginning, and very enjoyable to watch. Anyone who enjoys anime should like this one.moreless
  • A confusing, foggy quagmire of a series. Overrated.

    So, everybody loves this show. Great show. Deep meaning. Watch it. Or don't. I was so fantastically disappointed by this show that I can barely put it into words.

    Let's start here: it's poorly plotted. In the first half of the series NOTHING HAPPENS. I don't want to hear about character development or any of that. They took twelve to fourteen episodes of this series to explain what could have been done in four. The flip side to this is in the last six episodes TOO MUCH HAPPENS. They have to wedge everything in and try to explain everything and mostly fail miserably. And don't even get me started on the last two episodes. What a mess.

    Another big flaw: it's poorly explained. I think there's a really interesting story here to be told. It's just told badly. I would go into the specific problems I have in more depth (Angels? Second Impact? Instrumentality?), but I'd probably just have people defending it and accusing me of ignorance. Suffice it to say that the show demands the viewer to figure out more than the viewer should have to. This is a flaw that afflicts too much "important anime" and I hate it.

    I understand that some of these flaws, most notably the horrible two-part ending, were fixed in subsequent DVD releases. But I'm rating the series as it stands: a lot of promise wasted.moreless
  • biggest dissapointment ive ever seen

    this was a huge upset for me because i watch robot anime for the action it delivers such as Raxaphon, Zone of the Enders, (my personal fav) or Big O even. This series had way cool looken units, but the weapons sonsisted of a poket looking knife for a sword, and a ambilicocord for a power source. Who wants to watch a show where a pilot has a robot with a life support cord with only five minutes of power when the cord detaches from the body for cryen out loud!!!!moreless

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