Neon Genesis Evangelion

Episode 3

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Director's Cut: Resurrection

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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Director's Cut: Resurrection
The Director's Cut is a revised and re-edited special edition of the last six episodes of the series. The first volume of the DVD contains episodes 21-23 in both the extended Director's Cut versions and the original broadcast versions.
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      • Episode 21: He Was Aware That He Was Still a Child - Differences between the Director's Cut and original broadcast version (highlight below for SPOILERS):
        - Before the opening there is a scene where the Second Impact is reported.
        - A new scene of Fuyutsuki living on a houseboat and a UN agent inviting him to join the Antarctica expedition to research the Second Impact.
        - In the scene where Fuyutsuki talks about the mysteries around the Second Impact, some still images and dialogue are added.
        - A new scene: when Fuyutsuki is going to confront Gendo regarding the truth about the Second Impact, he sees Yui on steps of the institute.
        - A new scene of Yui and Fuyutsuki under a tree with baby Shinji.
        - In the scene where Naoko Akagi is referring to Yui's death, there is only a single image instead of several flashing images (as in the regular episode).
        - Added dialogue when Kaji frees Fuyutsuki from SEELE.
        - Improved animation when Kaji dies.
        - New scenes are added before the famous scene between Misato and her telephone.

      • Episode 22: Don't Be - Differences between the Director's Cut and original broadcast version (highlight for SPOILERS):
        - The episode opens with a new scene of Asuka and Kaji on a battleship en-route for Japan.
        - Improved animation in the opening scene of the regular episode.
        - Improved animation with the Eva-02 fixing.
        - Improved animation with Misato talking to Hyuga.
        - New scene: Asuka stands on a platform trying to call someone but is continually disconnected. She turns around and sees Shinji talking and smiling with Rei.
        - New scene: Asuka standing over a bathtub, draining a bath.
        - Improved animation when Ritsuko and Misato are talking.
        - Improved animation when Asuka is in a bathroom at NERV, and then when she and Rei are in the elevator.
        - Improved animation and new images added in Asuka's battle with the Angel.
        - When Rei pulls the Spear from Lilith, Lilith grows legs as she did in the film "Death".
        - The Spear of Longinus hitting the 16th Angel.
        - Instead of the Spear being pierced in the Moon, it is seen spinning.

      • Episode 23: Rei III - Differences between the Director's Cut and original broadcast version (highlight for SPOILERS):
        - Three improved scences in the beginning of the episode.
        - New footage of Eva-00's battle with the 16th Angel.
        - Improved animation and details added in the scene where Misato tries to confront Shinji.
        - New scene: Fuyutsuki and Gendo standing before the Dummy Plug system after Rei's battle with 16th Angel.
        - Improved animation of Rei III crying.
        - Big changes in the last scene.

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