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CTV (ended 1995)


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  • Not only in Canada.

    I enjoy Neon Rider. A freind stars in episode five of season one (Clay Pigeon). He plays Adam in the show. (Kelly Johnson). Kelly is the kind of guy that can you laugh, just like Howie Mandel. The last time I talked to Kelly, he did not look like the guy in the show. He looked more like a hockey player. I lost touch with him a few years back when I moved north. I beleive he is acting in New Zealand. Kelly worked as a gas jockey back in the days and I know that he was still pumping gas when he did the show Neon Rider.
  • i enjoy watching this show everyday

    This is a great show i think everyone should check this out at least once.i still enjoy watching this everyday and i was really glad when i became editor for the guide on so i could fix all the problem there with it. i wish they would bring this out on dvd it really would be cool to have the whole series on dvd. Some of the actors is this show were really great others were not the greatest.
  • Fantastic show of the 90\'s.....

    Well in case you\'re wondering yes, i did name my username after neon rider. for all three of you fans out there i want you to know that i liked this show too, you\'re not alone.there was atime when i used to watch this show everyday, that lasted for about two weeks and then i never watched it since , i don\'t know why i just didn\'t. i like Winston Rekert as an actor and i think the show is very well written,it is sometimes written by the same guy that co created Stagate SG1. Brad Wright.i only wish more people watched this show,later.
  • I love this show because I think that it is exactly what kids need nowadays someone to take a chance on them and believe in them and maybe then we wouldnt be having all the trouble with the youth as it is now. A show for teenagers to watch.

    I love this show , a keeper and very worthwhile watching. Should be places like this all over the country that could help our kids today. With all the problems with our kids I think the experts could take some ideas from this show. Should be used in schools would be worthwhile for the kids to watch.
  • Why, Winston, why?

    Its hard to imagine that the same guy who starred in the amusing spy spoof Adderly could help create something so without humour, despite attempts to insert it. The series was just too overwrought for its own good, descending into melodrama most of the time. Something about the premise and writing seemed to bring out the overactor in Rekert. Yet for some reason it proved rather popular, apparently having enough ratings life left in it after CTV cancelled it for Canwest/Global to bring it back from the dead. It lives on in reruns on Canada's Vison TV network. At least it can be said to have provided employment and job experience for many members of the Vancouver film production scene who went on to bigger and better things as Vancouver became "Hollywood North" in the '90s.