Neon Rider - Season 3

CTV (ended 1995)


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Episode Guide

  • Brothers
    Episode 11
    Two brothers escape from an abusive rural home and head for the city.

  • Michael brings a girl fleeing her former gang to the ranch; Eleanor dreams of the Old West.

  • On The Line
    Episode 9
    Filling in for Michael on a talk-radio show, Eleanor clashes with a child psychologist.
  • Daniel
    Episode 8
    Police suspect a victim of sexual abuse in the disappearance of two girls, one of whom may die before she is found.

  • Point Blank
    Episode 7
    An untrustworthy resident claims there's a gun on the ranch; Rachel tries to help a woman escape a violent husband.

  • Labour Day
    Episode 6
    Michael counsels a young father-to-be; Reid copes with Rachel's burnout.

  • 5.0
    Michael and Eleanor acknowledge their mutual attraction; a stalker attracted to Eleanor spooks the ranch residents.

  • The Color Line
    Episode 4
    Police suspect a young white supremacist at the ranch may have murdered a black youth.

  • Straight Home
    Episode 3
    Jesse struggles his first day home after the ranch program; Michael encourages an Indian youth to remember his heritage.
  • Saint Walt
    Episode 2
    Two youths waylay Michael; Pin tries to help a co-worker drinking himself to death after an HIV-positive diagnosis.

  • A Perfect 10
    Episode 1
    A youth senselessly attacks zoo animals; a girl's beauty brings her pain and abuse.