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techtv (ended 2004)





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  • Better than those Geek-sploitation shows.

    Unlike those Geek-sploitation shows like Average Joe and Beauty and the Geek, Nerd Nation shows us what it's really like to spend your entire life as a nerd. While the other shows give you a Revenge of the Nerds type hope for the underdog (which doesn't happen for the true geeks of the bunch), Nerd Nation follows people and interviews them in their good moments (stading in line at the latest Star Wars movie and the bad (recalling being bullied in school). It's this show's documentary approach to the good and the bad that made me watch it.

    Each show is an hour long documentary taking a look inside geek culture; in hopes of explaining what it is to be a part of this sub-culture. While I enjoyed them all, the one's I ejoyed the most wast the first episode "Kid Nerd", the one on the "Star Wars" fans and "Cyberman".

    Ultimately, the show gives hope that there are people out there and that there is acceptance for people in all cultures. You shouldn't go for those people who are deemed beautiful just because society says they are, they are no more important than those who look for U.F.O.s. Just look for the people who are more like you. Yeah that sounded all philisopical and sweet, but it's much better than throwing geeks in with a bunch of models.