Nerima Daikon Brothers

(ended 2006)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Our final show! Don't miss it!
    • A three-person play for our dome?
    • Our "Bad" encounter!
    • Give My "Bad" a Thrilla-Thriller
      Mako meets a pop superstar who has undergone extensive plastic surgery. The famous musician wants to build a magical place for the children of the world - and he's eyeballing Hideki and Ichiro's field!
    • Cook-Up an Erection in Mine!
      A detective with a panda fetish cracks the case of a fast-talking swindler who wants to build a home for boobs and baseball in the middle of the band's daikon field!
    • Our hand-in-hand building plans!
    • My Dirt-Cheap Rocket Is About to Launch!
      Hideki wants to get serious with Mako - he even buys a ring. Unfortunately, it seems Mako has eyes for someone else. Meanwhile, the owner of a discount store might behind the recent wave of vanishing hosts!
    • On the verge of our big rocket launch!
    • Playing Our instruments! Let's appeal!
      Hideki is sick of not being able to have Mako. It's against the law, so he decides that the law needs to be changed. To this end, he goes to a shyster lawyer who charges a lot of money and says he can get the law changed.
    • Play With Mine! Sue Me!
      Hideki hires a lawyer to find a way around the law that's keeping him from his love, Mako. When the attorney ends up being as crooked as he is costly, the band pays a visit to the lawyer's fancy yacht.
    • Our serene fortune telling
      Ichiro invites Mako to come to the club he works at so she can have her fortune read by Gokutsubushi. Antics ensue.
    • Roll Mine, No.1
      Roll Mine, No.1
      Episode 5
      Kabukicho's new Host is dreamy, but his nightmare of a wife rules their household with an iron fist - literally! Tears are going to flow when the Nerima Daikon Brothers try to steal her stash of cash.
    • Our encounter with the rolling No.1
      Ichiro is sent to scout out the new No.1 Host in Kabukicho.
    • My Gadget (Detective) Is Huge, Huh?
      Yukika, a police detective, is digging for answers in Nerima, and the Nerima Daikon Brothers are drilling for gold beneath the police station. Before long, all of them are on the run from the Yakuza!
    • Our mechanical police officer problem
      The Nerima Daikon Brothers get visited by a female police detective name Yukika who is investigating the three recent events that have occurred in Nerima.
    • My Shot Will Crash Into Your Backside
      Hideki and Ichiro are buried beneath a mountain of medical bills! When they take on an army of crazed nurses and the devious hospital director, a flatulent free-for-all ensues!
    • Our big enema crash
      Hideki and Mako rush to the hospital after Ichiro gets knocked out on the street and is taken there.
    • Our Sarang Heyo Balls
      A South Korean pachinko parlor has recently opened in Nerima and is attracting the attention of all the older women in the city.
    • Please touch our Nerima Daikons
      Hideki is a daikon farmer who dreams of performing in his own arena to be built on his daikon field.