Nero Wolfe (1981)

NBC (ended 1981)


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  • Now this was classic TV. A great adaptation of the Rex Stout books. Can anybody please tell me how I could obtain these on DVD.

    This show makes the new one with Tim Hutton look amateurish. It was a shame the show was cancelled because it was just plain good TV. If anybody has any idea how copies of this show can be obtained. Please post it. I am sure there are a few of us out there who covet tat info.

  • Rex Stout was rolling in his grave when he saw this load of redeeming qualities whatever.

    This version of Nero Wolfe would have been better if R. Kelly had been cast as the title character. Jesus Christ - it would have been better if I had played Nero Wolfe (I do weigh the requisite "seventh of a ton", and know what the word "rodomontade" means. The only qualification William Conrad had was that he weighed about as much as Nero Wolfe did - other than that, he was not fit for purpose, and could not have defined "rodomontade" if you left him a Funk and Wagnalls.

    I am surprised about Lee Horsley, though - looking at him, he should have been okay as Archie Goodwin. Perhaps he needed more of a sardonic outlook than he showed in the show. Whatever he was, he did not make it work for me.

    If you have read all of the Nero Wolfe stories, I would suggest watching the A&E version of Nero Wolfe - it is way better than this fast food reject of a program.