Nero Wolfe (2001)

Season 2 Episode 16

Immune to Murder

Aired Unknown Aug 18, 2002 on A&E

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  • Wolfe is asked to cook a trout dish on a ranch for a bunch of business men, diplomats and their wives. Although the plot is good and some scenes are great character pieces for Wolfe and Archie, they are out of their normal setting and that changes things.

    Most of my gripes with this episode are more to do with the 'television interviews' that make up much of the beginning, which somehow don't strike true. Also, Wolfe is just a little too bombastic at the start, even more than normal, and it almost feels like a characature. On the other hand, when Wolfe is in his room pointing out things to Archie and making him remove the bear skin from the bed there is more of the usual Wolfe we know and love to be irritated by. As the story settles in and we meet the cast of characters, we soon find the plot thickening. Of course there is a murder, and naturally Archie finds the body - when it is least convenient. Wolfe is desperate to get away and to his home - complete with his personal chef Fritz - but the only way to do that is to help the local police solve the crime. Of course he does but, as usual, it's how he does it that's the reason to watch. Close to the book, which means it is detailed and needs the viewer to pay attention.