Nero Wolfe (2001)

Season 1 Episode 7

Prisoner's Base (2)

Aired Unknown May 20, 2001 on A&E



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    • Oliver Pitkin: Mrs. Jaffe, your average income in Softdown dividents for the past five years has been $40,000. Have you earned one penny of it?
      Sarah Jaffe: My father did the earning.
      Oliver Pitkin: And you, Mr. Hagh, are demanding a share of Softdown profits! You certainly haven't earned anything, isn't that correct?
      Eric Hagh: It is certainly correct. And I feel no embarrasment being put in the same class as the charming Mrs. Jaffe.

    • Wolfe: You, Mr. Pitkin, what do you have to say to remove or discredit the suspicion that you are the murderer?
      Oliver Pitkin: That's not the way it's done, Mr. Wolfe. That's un-American. First show me evidence, if there is any, and I will answer it.
      Wolfe: Either, sir, you're an ass or you're masquerading as one. If I had evidence that one or more of you were guilty I wouldn't sit here half the night inviting you to jabber!

    • (Hagh angrily storms toward Archie)
      Archie: Back off!
      Eric Hagh: I'm being accused of murder!
      Archie: Yeah, so is everyone else in this room. I want you to sit down and cook yourself up a defense.

    • Archie: (Narrating) The next day I decided for the umpteenth time I didn't have the right temperament for working with Nero Wolfe. If I had, I would have long ago quit being exasperated by his assumption that there was no point in starting the day's detecting activities until he came down from the plant rooms at 11:00.

    • Wolfe: Archie, you might recall that I once returned a retainer of $40,000 to a client named Zinnerman because he wanted to tell me how to handle his case instead of leaving it tome. Please type up the report.

    • (As Archie walks in)
      Wolfe: Judging by your lugubrious gate and sour expression, I assume that your endeavors have achieved nothing.

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