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    The Adventures of McGee and Me

    The Adventures of McGee and Me

    A&E (ended 2006)
    Nick is a normal 11-year old boy who just moved into the area. His best pal is McGee, an animated character. Together they face the trials of growing up... bullies, sports, making new friends, and of course school. Each episode teaches a valuable lesson about life, and dilemmas are solved using Christian principles. Nicholas Martin Actor: Joe Dammann Nicholas (Nick) Martin is the reluctant hero of the series. An unimposing, 11-year-old aspiring artist who uses his great imagination and creativity to make up for what he lacks in brains and brawn. McGee is Nick's cartoon creation brought to life in Nick's imagination. Together the two experience wild adventures that Nick never would have dreamed of getting involved in if it weren't for his rascal cartoon companion. McGee Actor: McGee McGee is the cartoon inspiration from the pen and imagination of Nick Martin. As Nick's alter ego, McGee is everything Nick is not--hip, adventurous, and impulsive. Taking risks and pursuing adventures is McGee's idea of fun. After all, McGee usually doesn't have to pay the costs of their mistakes--Nick does of course! Despite all of this, McGee definitely shares in Nick's moral beliefs. He just is the type that likes to jump headfirst into things and ask discerning questions later. Dad Actor: Terry Bozeman Dad gave up his high-paying job as an established reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper to become managing editor for a weekly community newspaper. This was all part of a change that he and the family decided upon when they wanted to simplify their life and move into Grandma's house. Despite his mechanical ineptitude, he likes to hold fix-it-up house parties each Saturday to build family camaraderie. Mom Actress: Vaugn Taylor Mom was the first one in the family who felt the need to simplify their life--hence the eventual move into Grandma's house. Mom decided to postpone her career and devote more energy to the family while taking care of her aging mother. Gutsy, creative, and intelligent, Mom has a desire to be active in outreaches in her community. Jamie Actress: Sarah Dammann Nick's older sister, Jamie, experiences the usual sibling-rivalry conflicts with her younger brother, Nick. Though they often pick on each other, Jamie and Nick do have a strong brother/sister bond. The move has not been easy for Jamie. She had forgotten how difficult it is to make new friends, and how important it is to her to have the approval of others. Grandma Actress: Eve Brenner A retired missionary now living as a widow on her own. She is nearly 80 but didn't want to sell her house despite the slow but sure decline of the neighborhood. Finally a compromise was made, now the family is living with her. Nick and Grandma are extremely close. She offers Nick the pearls of wisdom only one of her age could offer. And she, more than most, understands Nick's quiet sensitivity and encourages his wonderful gift of imagination. Louis Actor: Brent Kelly Streetwise kid who befriends Nick in the first episode, "The Big Lie". Louis grew up in the neighborhood and has taken on the task of showing Nick the ropes around the block. He likes to tease Nick for his naïveté, but Louis has an unspoken admiration for Nick's life and family. Louis is definitely wise to the ways of the neighborhood, and is basically a good kid. Derrick Actor: Johnny Green This kid is bad. Likes to extort money from kids and beat up anyone who gets in his way. He is the leader of a small gang of guys you don't want to mess with. Of course, Nick gets on Derrick's wrong side straight off the bat. It will take all of Nick's creative energy to keep from getting clobbered by this bully. Derrick isn't very bright so, he threatens kids into doing his homework for him. Renee Actress: Shaylisa Hurt This well-dressed classmate of Nick's is just a couple of steps behind a valley girl and just as funny. She is constantly striving to be "in"--wearing the latest fashions, hair, and makeup. But she strives a little too hard for acceptance.moreless