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    Plain White T's: Meet Me in California

    Plain White T's: Meet Me in California

    ABC Family
    Plain White Ts: Meet Me In California follows popular indie rock band The Plain White Ts as they spend a summer recording an album in Malibu to make their album "Big Bad World", the follow up to "Every Second Counts" and hit single "Hey There Delilah." After a song that got huge radio airplay, the theme for ABC Family's "Greek" and appearances on the show, the Plain White T's are just getting started with their success. Meet Me In California will follow their recording process, as they write songs, play pranks on each other, tour, party, and sometimes argue. The Villa Park, IL natives are singer Tom Higgenson, drummer De'Mar Hamilton, guitarists Dave Tirio and Tim Lopez, and bassist Mike Retondo, and now they're in California to continue the journey they've started on. Interviews with the band members and a glimpse into the studio will give fans the inside scoop on who these guys really are, where they've been, and where they're going- hopefully, straight to the top.moreless
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