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    Click is the BBC technology series that brings you the latest and greatest technology news stories throughout the week on BBC One, the BBC News Channel and BBC World News. The show began as Click Online, and was hosted by Stephen Cole for it's 295 shows. In 2005 the show was rebranded with new music, titles, and a simpler name; Click. The show now has a narrower focus, with consumer issues and technologies taking the forefront. Host Spencer Kelly brings you the latest news about consumer technology. Learn about breakthroughs in the world of broadband. See stories about cyber crime, and learn what steps you can take to protect yourself from web crimes like hacking, identity theft, and more. See the latest releases from all of your favorite companies like Apple, Sony, and more. Watch the new Microsoft Kinect and new game releases before they hit the shelves. Even learn about electronics recycling, and the waste disposal efforts to try to clean up our consumer culture. Learn about everything technology related, from new releases to techniques and safety, on BBC's Click.moreless
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