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    Paranoia Agent

    Paranoia Agent

    Cartoon Network (ended 2005)
    When darkness overcomes the heart, Lil' Slugger appears...

    An elementary school boy on Rollerblades dubbed Lil' Slugger (Shounen Bat) is said to be responsible for a series of mysterious hit-and-run assaults in Tokyo. The circumstances are always the same: none of the victims can recall the boy's face and only two distinct details are left in their memories - golden Rollerblades and the weapon, a golden baseball bat bent like a dog's leg.

    Two police detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa, are assigned to the case to track down the perpetrator and put an end to his violent and random spree. What at first may seem like a typical act of juvenile vandalism soon turns out to bear the signature of an unclear evil. The attacks never leave their victims as they were before as each victim before the attack is overcome by stress, depression, or an emotional trauma created by their environment, their past, or their secrets. They are so overwhelmed that they enter a state of paranoia as they fight their inner demons. After a good smack in the head, they seem as if that their emotional trauma has been alleviated. Starting with the first victim Tsukiko Sagi, a shy character designer who created the immensely popular pink dog Maromi, the detectives follow what little clues they have and try to apprehend the boy. But just when they think they got it solved, things get more complicated as they reach the end of their line.

    Opening Song: "Dream Island Obsessional Park" by Susumu Hirasawa

    Closing Song: "White Hill - Maromi's Theme" by Susumu Hirasawamoreless
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    Blue Gender

    Blue Gender

    Cartoon Network (ended 2003)
    First Aired: August 4, 2003 Last Aired: September 16, 2003 Episodes: 26 colored episodes, 1 movie Age Rating: Mature (May contain sex, drugs, and extreme graphic violence) Genres: Adventure, Drama, Horror, Mecha, Romance, Science Fiction
    Diagnosed with a rare terminal illness, Yuji Kaido was put into cold-sleep in the hope that someday a cure may be found. He receives a rude awakening when he is revived in the middle of a military operation to evacuate him out of the cold-sleep facility. The group is attacked by a giant bug-like creature which wrenches two members into a grotesque cocoon before it is killed by the powersuit escort. It seems like a nightmare, but it's very much a reality for Yuji. He discovers that his abductors are humans under their skull-like masks and that his powersuited rescuer is a young woman named Marlene Angel. Marlene explains that it is now the year 2031, meaning that Yuji was in cold-sleep for 22 years. In that time, a genetic experiment went awry and created giant bug-like creatures called Blue which have taken over the world. The soldiers' mission is to recover human genes from before the Blue cataclysm, namely genes from sleepers like Yuji, and transport them up to a space station called Second Earth, where the fortunate humans retreated. Things, of course, don't go smoothly as planned. The Blue spring a surprise attack on the orbital launch base before the humans are able to board the shuttle. Marlene and Yuji are able to escape with two team members, Robert and Joey, but the rest of the people at the base aren't as fortunate. The survivors start on a long trek to another orbital launch base, battling Blue almost every step of the way. Unsatisfied with being luggage, Yuji takes up training from the soldiers so that he's able to contribute to their fight for survival. Opening Song: "Tokihanate!" by Houko Kuwashima Ending Song: "Ai Ga Oshiete Kureta" by Houko Kuwashima
    FAQ: Will Blue Gender ever air again? Possibly not. Does Blue Gender air on any other stations? No.
    Alicia Whistle: Height: 5'2" Weight: 116lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age: 16 Alicia is a high school aged Sleeper who was awakened on Second Earth. She is an active member of the Sleeper Brigade, and becomes immediately determined to be Yuji's battle field partner and girlfriend. As energetic and happy as a varsity cheerleader at first, but later succumbs to the power of the B-Cells, under Tony's command. Amick Hendar: Height: 5'7" Weight: 124lbs Hair: Dark Purple Eyes: Brown Age: 30 Amick is the chief of the Education Station and is responsible for the "re-education" of Marlene on Second Earth. Her methods are tough, but necessary to make strong, heartless soldiers out of her students. She later stands up in opposition to the decision of Seno and attempt to escape the space station altogether. Dice Quaid: Height: 5'9" Weight: 175lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Age: 30 Rugged, rough and war-headed, Dice has escaped the military and made a home for himself in a remote desert area. Dice catches Yuji and Marlene a hard time for her rigid, military ways. Yuji and Dice strike up a solid friendship and Dice explains how he still has some unfinished business with a tricky Blue. He later assists Marlene in finding Yugi and helps them make it to the Baikanour Space Base. Doug Vreiss: Height: 5'11" Weight: 175lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Age: 35 Director Doug Vreiss is the head of the Military Station. He does not like get along well with Amick, as she tends to challenge his authority. Doug does not agree with the teachings of "the Ark" and dangerously approaches Seno with his sentiments. Doug also acts as a mediator in Council inquiries. Joey Heald: Height: 6'1" Weight: 170lbs Hair: Blue Eyes: Blue Age: 18 Joey and Yuji become close friends soon after Yuji awakens from Cryogenic Sleep. Kind and friend, Joey does not come across as the soldier he was trained to be. Joey eventually trains Yuji to be an arm pilot of a Grapple class Armored Shrike. Young and Optimistic, Joey manages to maintain a positive attitude despite his bleak surroundings. Keith Bean: Height: 5'10" Weight: 179lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Age: 26 A fearless and efficient soldier, Keith is a valuable member of the Sleeper Recovery Team. He is a rowdy guy, whose reason for living is to kill Blue. Keith's skills are certain, but when pushed too far, there's no turning back. Marlene Angel: Height: 5'2" Weight: 117lbs Hair: Golden Blonde Eyes: Blue Age: 17 After being orphaned at the age of 10 when the Blue killed her parents, Marlene grew up training intensively and became an elite soldier. She is assigned to a Sleeper Recovery Team and is a top pilot of a sniper class Armored Shrike. Seeming heartless and cold, Marlene first views Yuji as nothing more than cargo. After awhile, Yuji begins to awaken feelings that have been dormant in her for many years. As Marlene's emotions begin to resurface, everything she believes begins to break down. Robert Bradley: Height: 5'10" Weight: 169lbs Hair: Yellow Eyes: Blue Age: 28 Robert is the commander of the Sleeper Recovery Team sent for Yuji Kaido. He is a capable leader and a man of few words; he focuses on the mission at hand. Robert is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if it insures a successful mission. Seno Miyagi: Height: 6'0" Weight: 175lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Age: 30 Seno is the Director of the Science Division of Second Earth. It is his insistence to the high council that Marlene "not be omitted" that permits Yuji and Marlene to remain together as partners on the battlefield. Though Seno discovers the link between the B-Cells and the sleepers and implements the experiment, he later learns that the High Council may be deceiving him and organizes "The Ark", an underground organization to stop the B-Cell experiments. Chief Councilman Victor: Height: 5'9" Weight: 170lbs Hair: Gray Eyes: Brown Age: 39 Victor is the very self-assured powerful head of the high council of Second Earth. He is a firm believer the Sleeper program and keeps the true Sleeper data to himself. He does not trust Seno and his friends and his methods. Yuji Kaido: Height: 6'2" Weight: 170lbs Hair: Burnt Orange Eyes: Brown Age: 17 (plus 22 years in cryogenic sleep) After being diagnosed with an incurable disease, Yuji Kaidou decides to be put in cryogenic sleep in hopes that an effective treatment will be developed soon. 2031, twenty two years later, Yuji wakes up to find the world overrun by a deadly new species known as "Blue". In 2009 Yuji worked in a worked in a gas station, rode his motorcycle and hung out with his friend Iakashi. But in 2031 everything Yuji knew has been destroyed by the Blue. He feels lost and alone in an unforgiving new world. For better or for worse, Yuji is guided by the only thing he can trust-his emtotions-as he attempts to gain control of his new life.
    Chopper Rocket Bug Tank Beetle Tank Beetle 2 Land Whale Maneater Maneater 2 Spring Worm Double Boat Clincher
    Sniper A.S. Grapple Double Edge Remodeled Grapple Bullseye Remodeled Bullseye Heavy Duty A.S. Bandit Sniper Attackermoreless
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    The Othersiders

    The Othersiders

    Cartoon Network (ended 2009)
    This reality series focuses on a group of five teens who investigate locations that have experienced reportedly paranormal activity. Riley, the lead investigator, heads up the Othersiders. In charge of all of the electrical equipment is Zack, the youngest in the group. KC has the task of managing which locations to choose. Helping her with this task is Jackie, the main researcher on the team. After their investigations, Sam puts all of their findings on their official website. Broadcast History: "The Othersiders" premiered June 17, 2009 at 8:00pm (ET) as part of Cartoon Network's new live-action block CN Real. After struggling to maintain decent ratings, the series moved to a new timeslot of 9:00pm (ET) on July 15, 2009. The series was removed from the block on August 26, 2009 to make room for two new CN Real shows. Then, the series returned on October 7, 2009 as part of Cartoon Network's "Scare-O-Vision" Halloween block. New episodes currently air Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30pm (ET).moreless