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    Dick Spanner

    Dick Spanner

    Channel 4
    Dick Spanner was a British comedy series created and written by Terry Adlam. Featuring unique looking puppets, the entirely stop-motion animation series, which premiered in 1986, initially aired in the United Kingdom as part of the Sunday morning TV show Network 7 on Channel 4, and was later repeated on the same channel in a late night time slot. Each short, six-minute episode parodies Raymond Chandler style detective TV shows with adventures involving the title character, square-jawed, mild-mannered robot private investigator Dick Spanner (Shane Rimmer). Set in a highly stylized, futuristic parallel universe, the tongue-in-cheek show has Dick Spanner, P.I. cracking jokes as he finds himself becoming immersed in a number of increasingly bizarre mysteries. Dick has a slick, street-wise approach to his cases, but lacks any expertise. He ineptly follows a trail of clues and avoids death by an unending series of flukes and outrageous good fortune. The series depicted two story arcs of equal length: the case of the Maltese parrot and the case of the human cannonball.moreless
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