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    Channel 4 (ended 1998)
    Welcome to the Ultraviolet guide at TV.com. Ultraviolet charted the exploits of an investigative government unit, armed with the latest weaponry, whose aim is to track down and exterminate Code 5 infected subjects while attempting to work out their agenda. A policeman, Michael Colefield, is reluctantly drawn into the group after a confrontation with his 'turned' former best friend, Jack Beresford, when Michael, defending himself after being bitten, is forced to 'kill' Jack. Stylish, dark and often humourous, Ultraviolet delivered a blend of vampire myth with a modern slant. It is notable that the programme never once mentions the word vampire, instead referring to the antagonists as 'leeches' or a 'code 5 infection'. A pilot for a potential US series was made, a composite of all that was good in the 6 episodes of the British version, but no series was commissioned.moreless
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