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    Da Ali G Show

    Da Ali G Show

    Channel 4 (ended 2000)
    Da Ali G Show is a British comedic television series that ran for one season on Channel 4 of the BBC. It was later purchased by HBO and new episodes appeared on American television for three seasons. Da Ali G Show features comedian Sasha Baron Cohen, who appears as different characters in numerous skits with unwitting participants. His "Ali G" character is a white rapper who hosts his own talk show in which he asks guests outlandish questions about politics, the media and (mostly) their personal lives. Most guests believe Ali G is perfectly serious about his questions, despite their absurd nature. Another popular character is "Borat Sagdiyev," an immigrant from Kazakhstan who often embarrasses those whom he is interviewing by engaging in anti-Semitic, misogynistic speech and strange Kazakh customs. Another regular character on Da Ali G Show is "Bruno," a gay Austrian television personality who typically ridicules his guests by having them offer exaggerated praise or criticism of celebrities. Both Borat and Bruno would later appear in successful American features films. moreless