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    Canadian Idol

    Canadian Idol

    As of December 17, 2008, this show is on a "rest" period for the 2009 season. There are no expectations that this show will be back. This will be removed if this is proved wrong. CTV's summer hit is on hiatus after a great sixth season! Canada has crowned Ryan Malcolm, Kalan Porter, Melissa O'Neil, Eva Avila, Brian Melo and Theo Tams as Canadian Idols. But who will be the next Canadian Idol? This episode guide contains everything you need to know about Canadian Idol. This reality series is the Canadian version, of the hugely popular Pop Idol. The Idol format has become a huge hit internationally and in Canada as well. Note: Seasons 1 to 4 had regular perform episodes at 8:00pm ET/PT. Seasons 5+ have the 9:00pm ET/PT slot (Monday and Tuesday) for performance shows and 7:30pm (local time) for result shows (Wednesday).moreless