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    You Can't Do That on Television

    You Can't Do That on Television

    CTV (ended 1990)
    This was a sketch comedy show for young adults that was very popular in the 1980s. The series began life as a live variety show in Ottawa, Canada in 1979, which featured comedy sketches, music videos, and call-in contests. After the first season, the series was given a massive retooling and became a videotaped sketch comedy series. Its biggest success came when the series found its way south to the United States and became one of the trademark shows of Nickelodeon, a new cable channel aimed at children, where it aired until 1992. YCDTOTV may be long gone, but one of the shows trademarks, people getting covered in green slime (usually when they said "I don't know?"), has become a Nickelodeon staple.moreless