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    So Weird

    So Weird

    Disney Channel (ended 2001)
    So Weird was a half-hour, live-action drama that explored paranormal phenomena. In the first two seasons, the series followed Fiona 'Fi' Phillips and her search for the paranormal, while she toured the country with her rock star mom, Molly, and her brother Jack, and their friends, Ned, Irene, Clu and then later Carey. In the third season, 13-year-old Annie Thelan hopped on the tour bus, when Fi left to live a normal life. FILMING LOCATION: So Weird was filmed entirely on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. THEME SONG: The theme song In The Darkness was performed by series star, Mackenzie Phillips. ORIGINAL TITLE: The original title of the series was Too Weird. DVD/VHS RELEASE: So far this series has not been released on DVD in North America (US and Canada). If you'd like to request it, try this great site