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    Bug Juice

    Bug Juice

    Disney Channel (ended 1998)
    Bug Juice was Disney Channel's original reality series about real kids at summer camp. It premiered in 1998 and lasted until 2002, with a total of three seasons. The show featured a different U.S. summer camp every season. Every episode features the struggles real kids go through with each other and themselves, and chronicled their friendships, fights, loves, breakups, makeups, and self-discoveries. After the show ended, it remained on as reruns, next to Disney's series, So Weird. Eventually, it left the airwaves and didn't return until the summer of 2004 as part of Disney Channel's new summer lineup. THEME SONG Bug Juice, it doesn't come in a jar. Bug Juice comes from who you are. It has the flavor of what you can become, freedom, reachin' out on your own, Yeah, freedom lightin' up the unknown. Workin' together we all have grown. Bug Juice, the true-life adventures. Bug Juice, real kids, makin' friends, havin' fun, On Bug Juice! IMPORTANT NOTE: Bug Juice ended a long time ago. It is NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION.moreless