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    The Simple Life: Interns

    The Simple Life: Interns

    Simple Life Interns is a reality series that follows socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie as they travel around the East Coast to work at various companies as interns. On this third season of Simple Life, the girls do not have access to a driver or their own vehicle. Instead, Paris and Nicole travel around in a no-frills fashion: on the Greyhound Bus. The pair begin their journey in New Jersey, where they stay with the Brower family and work at an auto repair shop. After crashing several customers’ cars, the girls move on to a new internship as secretaries, where even simple Xeroxing proves to be a disaster. Paris and Nicole intern at many different places, including an airline, a bakery, a mortuary, a nursing home, and even a fire station! They complete their journey at a dental office in Tennessee, where the patients receive more than a simple teeth cleaning! Simple Life: Interns premiered on January 26th, 2005. The third season marked the last months of Paris and Nicole’s friendship before they “broke-up” temporarily.moreless