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    MLB World Series

    MLB World Series

    Major League Baseball's Championship Series. Each year the American League Champion and the National League Champion meet in a best-of-seven series. Since 2003, the League that wins the July All-Star Game is awarded home field advantage and hosts Games 1, 2, 6 and 7, the latter two if necessary. The first World Series was played in 1903. The first televised World Series was played in 1947, which is the point at which this guide begins.
    The editor would like to gratefully acknowledge Baseball-Reference.com, from which much of the historical box score and play-by-play information is derived. Additional sources of information are Retrosheet.org, Baseball-Almanac.com, Yahoo! Sports, and The Sporting News' 2007 Complete Baseball Record Book, online edition. The complete rosters, including the players who did not play in any games, are largely from the reference book The World Series: Complete Play-By-Play of Every Game, 1903-1989. This information could not be found anywhere on the else on the web. Information post-1989 was compiled from the Google News Archives.moreless