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    Attack of the Show!

    Attack of the Show!

    G4 (ended 2013)
    Attack of the Show (or "AOTS")--the self-proclaimed "show that gets it before it gets out"--is a signature show of G4, the video game network. There's the inside track, and then there are those who pave the inside track. Attack of the Show gets you inside, underneath, around, and behind the newest tech, the hottest games, the fastest-breaking news, and the oddest oddities from the fringe. In addition to reporting the hot Internet memes of the day, AOTS features interviews with both famous and internet-famous celebrities, the most-blogged news of the day, coverage of alt-events like the Geek Prom and the Modern Drunkard Festival, and the latest games and gear for PCs and consoles. AOTS is also well-known for its regular weekly segments such as "Gems of the Internet," "DVDuesday," "It Came From eBay," "The Feed," "User Created," "AOTS LAN Party," "Free Play Friday," and "Damn Good Download."moreless