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    NBC News Presents Future Earth

    NBC News Presents Future Earth

    NBC News Presents Future Earth is a documentary from NBC that takes a closer look at our natural resources and their shortages in the next two decades. This four-part ÒFuture EarthÓ series, which includes Ô100 Heartbeats' hosted by world renown wildlife expert Jeff Corwin; ÔFuture Earth 2025' that investigates our water supply and the natural disasters that might be related to our crisis; ÔAddicted to Power' which seeks to answer the question of which fuel will be our choice, nuclear, hydrogen, wind, solar and all the other possibilities; and ÔJourney to the End of the Eath' which sets anchor on an international expedition to look at our climate machine, the North pole and why its melting. According to scientific studies, a distinct species of plant or animal throughout the world becomes extinct every twenty minutes and at that current rate, it is estimated that only half of the species alive today will have survived by the end of the twenty-first century. Experts from around the world share their perspectives as to what our possibilities are and the solutions that just may save us from more disasters.moreless
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