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    Black Butler

    Black Butler

    Mainichi Broadcasting System (ended 2009)
    The Japanese animated series The Black Butler is based on a popular manga and tells the story of Sebastian Michaels, butler to Ciel, the 12-year-old head of the Phantomhive noble family. Sebastian is particularly good at his job, able to carry out any task Ciel demands, because he is not only a butler - he is a demon. Opening theme (1 - 24) Monochrome Kiss "モノクロのキス" by SID Closing themes (1 - 13) I'm Alive! by BECCA (14 - 24) Lacrimosa by Kalafina.moreless
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    ITV (ended 2011)
    Primeval, a high-budget series, follows Professor Nick Cutter and his team as they investigate anomalies in time found in the Forest of Dean. An unfortunate side-effect of the anomalies is that dinosaurs are moving through them and into the present time, making the team's investigations that much more stressful. Cutter's wife also disappears while investigating the anomalies and he makes it his mission to find and save her. This series originally aired on ITV and begins on BBC America on August 9, 2008.moreless
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    Welcome to the world of beyblading at tv.com. It is intense and exciting. Imagine two tops charging at each other with magical creatures called bit beasts or special tops that draw the powers from the stars emerging from them! The first three seasons follow a team known as the Bladebreakers. They are using their bit beasts t try and become the World Champs, but many opposing teams also have bit beasts are are ready to fight and steal their if it means winning the titles for themselves. Find out if this team can live and cope together, even when they become rivals, in Beyblade, VForce, and GRevolution. Season 4 brings a new cast of characters, new rivals, and new villains to the front line. Join Gingka as he attempts to fulfill his fathers dream of sealing up the most evil beyblade the world has ever known- L-Drago. In order to do so he must defeat L-Drago and the current World Champion: Ryuga. The problem is he must form himself a team of rivals to increase his skills to do so, but where will he find these rivals at, and will any of them want to work with him? Regarding the network, please don't be confused by this guide. Seasons 1, 2, and 1/3 of 3 debuted on ABC Family. The rest of 3 debuted on Toon Disney, but the guide refuses to show it correctly if it debuted on more than one network. The Beyblade TV Special only aired on YTV. Seasons 4-7 debuted in the US on Cartoon Network, which hosted most of the World Premiere of the dub (YTV had the first handful of episodes and CN Australia had 4 episodes they premiered first, but the air dates are the CN USA air dates after the YTV premieres). Season 8 premiered first on YTV in Canada, and those are the dates used. The seasons breakdown like this: Season 1- Beyblade, 2- VForce, 3- GRevolution, 4-Metal Fusion, 5- Metal Masters, 6- BeyWheelz & Metal Fury, 7- Shogun Steel, 8- BeyWarriros: BeyRaiderz, 9- BeyWarriors: Cyborg.moreless
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    D. Gray-Man

    D. Gray-Man

    TV Tokyo (ended 2008)
    Allen Walker is an Exorcist in 19th century Europe. He must use the Innocence to battle the Akuma - demons created from the souls of the dead - and stop the Millennium Earl from bringing about the destruction of the world.

    Hoshino Katsura's D.Gray-man began serialization in Japan's Weekly Shounen Jump in 2004; and in October of 2006, the premiere of the animated version began.

    Opening/endingThemes Opening Theme 1: "Innocent Sorrow" by Abingdon Boys School (ep. 1-25) Opening Theme 2: "Brightdown" by Nami Tamaki (ep. 26-51) Opening Theme 3: "Doubt and Trust" by Access (ep. 52-76) Opening Theme 4:"Gekidou" by UVERworld (ep. 77-103) Ending Theme 1: "Snow Kiss" by Nirgilis (ep. 1-13) Ending Theme 2: "Pride of Tomorrow" by June (ep. 14-25) Ending Theme 3: Yume No Tsuzuki He" by Surface (ep. 26-38) Ending Theme 4: "Antoinette Blue" by Nana Kitade (ep. 39-51) Ending Theme 5: "Anata Ga Koko Ni Iru Riyuu" by Rie Fu (ep. 52-64) Ending Theme 6: "Wish" by Sowelu (ep. 65-76) Ending Theme 7: "Regret" by Mai Hoshimura (ep. 77-89) Ending Theme 8: "Changin" by Stephanie (ep. 90-103)moreless
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    CBS (ended 1987)
    Created by Donald P. Bellisario, who had already had such hits as 'Magnum p.i.' (1980-1988), 'Airwolf' followed the adventures of a hi-tech helicopter and it's reclusive pilot, Stringfellow Hawke. Bellisario developed Airwolf (early working titles: Blackwolf, Lonewolf), from the loose concept of a third season 'Magnum, P.I.' episode he'd previously written, titled 'Two Birds Of A Feather' (1983) - an unsold pilot about a treasure-hunting, adventure-loving ace combat pilot named Sam Houston Hunter (William Lucking). Bellisario had come up with the concept after Lucking played a similar character in a couple of episodes of another Bellisario series, 'Tales Of The Gold Monkey' (1982-3). After the proposed new series wasn't picked up, Bellisario took the bare bones of the concept, and eventually developed the premise into 'Airwolf'. Airwolf itself was a hi-tech attack helicopter, equipped with cutting-edge on-board computer, surveillance and radar systems, able to fly quicker than the fastest jets, and armed with awesome fire-power. Dubbed "The Lady" due to it's slender grace, Airwolf had been constructed by "The Firm", a mysterious, top-secret division of the C.I.A., distinguishable by it's agents all-white dress code. At the start of the Pilot adventure, we see Airwolf on its maiden test flight, piloted by its creator, Dr. Moffet (David Hemmings). But after the successful test flight, the twisted Moffet turns the chopper's lethal fire-power onto the flight tower, causing carnage, before heading off to Libya in the machine. Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III, codename "Archangel" (Alex Cord), the head of the division who built Airwolf, is badly wounded in the assault but not yet out of the game. Now wearing an eye-patch and walking with aid of a cane as a result of his injuries, he calls upon ace combat pilot Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) to take the task of bringing back Airwolf from Libya. Hawke is a cello-playing recluse, living in his scenaric cabin in the mountains – with a priceless art collection, and with only his dog Tet for company - ever since his brother St. John went Missing In Action in the Vietnam War, never to be found. Hawke eventually agrees to take the mission, aided by his only close friend, Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine). Much Hawke's senior, Dominic was very much his mentor, who was prone to the odd bout of grouchiness, but for the majority of the time was raucously cheerful. He owned Santini Air, a flight company that's main vehicles were decked out in stars and stripes, which specialised in performing arial stunts for films. Hawke and Dominic prised Airwolf back from Moffet's clutches (blowing away it's twisted genius creator in the process), but Hawke wasn't ready to return it back over to the Firm just yet. Hiding it in a hollow mountain in the middle of the desert wilderness, he refused to return the super-chopper until the Firm found solid information about his M.I.A. brother St. John, be he dead or alive. Thus was set the scenario for the series, with Archangel - usually accompanied by assistant Marella (Deborah Pratt) - calling upon Hawke in times of crisis to fly Airwolf on missions of national concern, with the occasional glimmer of hope regarding finding St. John - or at least solid information about his fate - thrown in for good measure. The first season was intelligently written, with a very classy, elegant feel. It was in many ways ahead of it's time, being distinctly dark and dramatic, with heavy religious over-tones and symbolisms, and with stories revolving around cases of international espionage, spying, and such-like, and much talk of "the opposition" - be it taken to be Libyans, the Russians, or whichever assumptions one took. The series did fairly well in the ratings, but CBS wanted to achieve even higher numbers, by "domesticating" the show more – to make stories less dark and symbolic, and to make things more light-hearted to try and win a wider audience. When the second season arrived, it brought with it the most significant and notable change - the introduction of a regular female cast member, created by Bellisario after CBS's insistence. Introduced in the season's opening episode, 'Sweet Britches', Jean Bruce Scott was brought in as feisty Caitlin O'Shannessy, who within the season's first few episodes was set-up as a regular character, working at Santini Air, and before long became the occasional third Airwolf pilot. Also with the new season, The Firm was blended into the background somewhat, to allow more wider-ranging stories, again mostly due to CBS's insistence. Overall the season did well, with much of the dark intrigue still surviving from the first series, mixed with the new slightly lighter-hearted, wider-reaching stories. In the meantime, Bellisario and Deborah Pratt, having met on the show, had married. But by the end of the season, Bellisario had grown increasingly tired of CBS' constant "interfering" with his original vision for the series, and eventually left, taking Pratt with him. The pair left to work on new projects of their own, the biggest and most popular to date being 'Quantum Leap' (with which Airwolf shares much of it's dark, religious over-tones, as well as also using a horde of the same Bellisario-favoured actors and crew). Also behind the scenes, Jan-Michael Vincent's troubled personal life - including battles with drink and drugs, and frequence fights with his wife - were increasingly causing problems during production of the series. Vincent actually broke his arm during one such drunken row with his wife, mid-production of one episode, 'Sins Of The Past', with his right arm visibally hanging limp throughout much of the episode as a result. CBS brought the series back for a third season, now without Bellisario's overseeing (his name on the show survived only as 'Created by' on the opening credits). While still offering up some good episodes, including some very impressive action set pieces (both airborne and otherwise), overall the previous sharp, clever script quality was now somewhat lower, and things were by now noticeably more watered down, with the series now acting as a more all-round "family" action-adventure show. Whilst they still occasionally had their moments, both Hawke's reclusive broodiness, and the whole eerie mysteriousness surrounding The Firm – two key factors in Bellisario's original vision - were by now very toned down. (Incidentally, with the third season, the Firm became spelt as an acronym, "the F.I.R.M.", though what these initials stood for was never explained.) The majority of episode plots were by now a far cry from the original season's dark themes; it's often commented (rightly so in several cases) that, far from the early stories of international emergencies, many of this season's stories seemed to revolve around little more than domestic feuds! But the worst was yet to come... CBS finally called it a day with 'Airwolf' at the end of the third season in 1986 - the last episode being 'Birds Of Paradise', an avarage episode which didn't serve to round to series off in any way. Despite CBS's constant tampering trying to make it an even bigger hit, in the long-run was much the cause of the demise of the show, with ratings gradually dropping mostly as a result of the third season's many more "family friendly" story-lines which lost favour with many fans. Jan-Michael Vincent's ever increasingly troubled personal life had done nothing to ease production of the series, either. However, the rights to the series were brought by a small TV company, Atlantis, for the USA Network, and a new series was commissioned for syndication. The whole of the original cast were written out (no doubt due to cost) – both Hawke and Dominic are killed off in the opening episode (though only Jan-Michael Vincent is actually seen), Archangel is suddenly said to be assigned overseas, and what has become of Caitlin is never mentioned. Taking their place was an all new cast. In the opening episode, 'Blackjack', Hawke's long-missing brother St. John (now seemingly his younger brother, not older, and played by Barry Van Dyke is suddenly located. The original series had several contradictions over St. John, but this new version completely threw any previous continuity out of the window! The Firm was now suddenly, unexplainedly called "The Company" (gone too were the trademark white suits), at which Jason Locke (Anthony Sherwood) is the new contact. He calls upon Major Mike Rivers (Geraint Wyn Davies) to help locate Airwolf – only to find that Dominic's niece, the - previously unmentioned - Jo Santini (Michelle Scarabelli) has already found it, and in it, they set off to rescue St. John. After his rescue began a new season of adventures, often with very little feel of connection to the original series. The new series was filmed on a very low budget in Canada, and much of the aerial footage – including ALL footage of Airwolf in flight, was simply footage recycled from the original three seasons. Other times, very poor model effects of Airwolf were used. Special effects (bar the stock footage) were weak, most of the stories were incredibly dull and wooden, much of the acting was poor - the series was embarrassing at best. There seemed little place for logic, either - the new contact, Locke, clearly knew of Airwolf's location (and often flew it himself!!), yet made no attempt to return it to the Company. In the original, Stringfellow Hawke, and at a push, Dominic or Caitlin, were capable of flying Airwolf – yet suddenly, each of the new characters could pilot it... the whole premise was full of holes. It seems maybe rather amazing (not to mention such a shame) that from the dark, classy, "ahead-of-it's-time" first season, things could end up as this. Understandably, many Airwolf "purists" will refuse to recognise this series as part of the "proper" Airwolf fodder. Suddenly, despite all of the CBS third season's short-comings, fans now found themselves saying "come back third season, all is forgiven", and would have given anything to have the original series, in any of it's versions from the original three seasons, back in place of this crudely produced revamp! Airwolf wasn't the only "super helicopter" on air at the time of it's debut – there was also hi-tech police surveillance chopper 'Blue Thunder' (1984), spun-off from the 1983 movie of the same name; but even with that series having a big-screen film to kick it off, Airwolf generally emerged to be seen as the "ultimate" super-helicopter series, with - at it's peak - it's clever, cathartic scripts paling Blue Thunder's much wider, less serious take. Airwolf itself was a highly modified Bell 222b, with a number of fibreglass and aluminium sections fitted to give it its unique look. In the TV series Airwolf may have been capable of supersonic speeds, but in reality, the numerous additions resulted in only slowing the helicopter's speeds! Sadly, the aircraft used for Airwolf crashed in Germany in 1991 (however, most of the specially built modifications are still in existence in the depths of Universal Studios). Note: This article, as well as episode guest cast lists, synopses and all other material in this guide (unless otherwise contributed) is written by the editor of this show. While it is intended for the reference and enjoyment of fellow fans of the show, please ask permission before using it, be it whole or in part, elsewhere.moreless
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    Initial D

    Initial D

    Animax Entertainment
    This story is fiction. All names of characters, places, and organizations in the story are fictional. Follow the traffic rules and drive safely. - opening Initial D disclaimer. Initial D chronicles the story of 18-year old high school student Takumi Fujiwara, a fairly relaxed kid who never really enjoyed driving, especially when for years, he has to deliver tofu for his dad in the wee hours of the morning along the windy roads of Mount Akina in a Toyota Treuno AE86 (a Corolla equivalent also known as the Eight-Six or Hachi Roku). But then one morning, Takumi does his usual tofu run when he overtakes a Mazda RX-7 FD3S which is driven by Keisuke Takahashi: one of the hottest street racers in the prefecture. Takumi soon finds himself involved in the world of street racing as racers from all over come and challenge him both on Mt. Akina and other mountainous courses. This series was based on Shuichi Shigeno's manga which has had published over 35 volumes since 1996. The anime is full of high-res computer graphics rendering of real brands of street cars. Season Organization:
    The series is organized into the following five stages plus some bonus stages for recaps, specials and movies.
    First Stage
    Number of Episodes: 26
    Originally aired: 1998 (JP), 2005 (Latin America)
    Video released: 2000 (JP), 2003�2005 (US - Tokyopop), 2007 boxset distribution (US - Funimation)
    Description: Takumi grows his reputation of being the best downhill racer in Akina in his rather humble Eight-Six. After casually passing Keisuke Takahashi, Takumi must race Keisuke in a proper battle. Other opponents try to take him on as well, including Takeshi Nakazato and Shingo Shouji of the Night Kids, a rainy weather specialist, and even a pair of women racers who have owned on a nearby mountain. Ultimately he must battle Ryosuke Takahashi of the Red Suns who has studied Takumi's every move since Takumi's first race. Second Stage
    Number of Episodes: 13
    Originally aired: 1999-2000 (JP).
    Video released: 2000-2001 (JP), 2005 (US � Tokyopop), 2007 boxset distribution (US - Funimation)
    Description: Takumi must deal with the Emperor team and their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions. They have devastated every opponent they have raced, and Takumi is about to suffer a devastation of his own when he learns of Natsuki's secret. Afterwards, Takumi is faced with another challenger who also has a souped-up Eight-Six with a Turbo. Initial D Third Stage (movie) MOVIETOME
    Duration: 114 minutes
    Originally aired: January 13, 2001 (JP), April 18, 2003 (US - Big Apple Anime Fest).
    Description: Months after the Second Stage, Takumi wants to calm down and live a normal life, but that changes as he is confronted by his old rival Ryosuke Takahashi with a proposal to join his new racing team. Takumi tries to figure out if he should join, but first he must prove to himself he is worthy by racing a rematch against Emperor leader Kyouichi Sudou, and then battle Kai Kogashikawa, the son of Bunta's rival. Sil-Eighty Extra Stage (OVA)
    Number of Episodes: 2
    Video released: March 22, 2001 (JP). November 8, 2005 (US - Tokyopop)
    Description: This is a spinoff of the Initial D series that focuses on the background story of the all-girls racing duo of Mako and Sayuki. Learn where they came from, how Mako got her car, and about Mako's tragic past as they have a brush with the Night Kids and the Emperor teams.

    Battle Stage
    Duration: 50 minutes
    Released: 2002
    Description: This special covers the main battles of Initial D from the first three stages, and includes a battle where Keisuke faces the LanEvo IV. Sil-Eight Extra Stage 2: Tabidachi No Green (OVA)
    Number of episodes: 1
    Originally released: October 3, 2008 on SkyPerfect TV Pay-per-view
    Video Released: Decmeber 2008 in Japan
    Description: More adventures with the Impact Blue girls to mark the 10th anniversary of Initial D. Fourth Stage
    Number of Episodes: 24
    Originally released: 2004-2006 in Japan. Two episodes were released every 3rd Saturday on every other month. 2010 (US, Funimation)
    Description: Project D, led by Ryosuke Takahashi, has been tearing up the town as they have challenged and dominated many different racing teams and mountains. That is, until they have to deal with the Saitama Challenge and the Toudou Racing School, which trains professional racers. Keisuke battles some of the top racers as the master of the uphill battle, and Takumi finds himself racing greater challenges from a pro rally car driver to a team known as Godfoot and Godhand. Initial D The Movie MOVIETOME
    Originally aired: 2005 in Asia. 2007 in US on AZN TV.
    Video Release: August 19, 2005 (Region 3). August 26, 2005 (US)
    Description: A live action movie dubbed in Cantonese based on the series, and starring action star Jay Chou as Takumi.The live-action movie will not be covered here. Fifth Stage
    Number of Episodes:
    Originally aired: 2012 on Animax pay-per-view, 2 episodes released every month (JP)
    Description: Further adventures with Takumi and Project D as they continue touring prefectures. Takumi also meets a girl who is aspiring to be a professional golfer. The Racing Teams of Initial D Speed Stars: They aren't the best team, but they are good friends and host many of the races on Mt. Akina. They hang out at the gas station often where Iketani, Itsuki, and Takumi work as attendants. Members: Iketani (Leader), Kenji (#2), Itsuki (prospective member). Red Suns: Hailing from Mt. Akagi, the Red Suns have dominated many of the teams in the Gunma Prefecture, and tour the different mountains to take on the locals and beat them. Members: Ryosuke Takahashi (Leader), Keisuke Takahashi (#2), Kenta Nakamura (member) Night Kids: The Night Kids hail from Mt. Myogi and boast power and prowess. Members: Takeshi Nakazato (Leader), Shingo Shouji (#2). Impact Blue: The two girls have dominated everyone with their impressive driving on their home course of Mt. Usui. Members: Mako (Driver) and Sayuri (Navigator Emperor: Team Irohazaka Emperor is truly the dominating team in Initial D. They have beaten the best racers with their souped-up Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions. Members: Kyouichi Sudou (Leader), Seiji Iwaki (#2). Toudou School: A school that specializes in racing. Its graduates have included Sudou of Team Emperor, and many of its students have either gone pro or semi-pro. Members: Daiki Ninomiya, Smiley Sakai, Tomoyuki Tachi Characters (Their American nicknames are listed in quotation marks) Takumi "Tak" Fujiwara: Takumi never saw driving as a fun thing since he's had to help deliver tofu for his father for many years. But eventually he enjoys the competitive world of street racing and strives to become even better than he already is. Takumi's car: Toyota Trueno AE86 (Eight-Six). Itsuki "Iggy" Takeuchi: Takumi's best friend, Itsuki, has been obsessed with street racing for a while. He hopes to get an Eight-Six of his own, and join the Akina Speed Stars. Eventually he saves enough money to buy one but it's not what he expected but he learns to enjoy it anyway. Itsuki's car: Toyota Levin AE85 (Eight-Five) Natsuki "Natalie" Mogi: She is incredibly attractive, and although she used to be someone's boyfriend, she enjoys hanging out with Takumi and invites him out on trips and dates. However, she does get picked up by a mysterious man every so often and tries to keep that a secret from Takumi. Bunta Fujiwara: Bunta is Takumi's father. He is a legendary racer around Mt. Akina and had dominated street racing a generation ago. He owns a tofu shop and is divorced. Bunta's car: Toyota Trueno AE86 (Eight-Six), Subaru Impreza WRX (Fourth stage). Yuichi "Boss" Tachibana: Yuichi is the boss at the gas station where Takumi, Itsuki, and Iketani work. He seems to know much about cars and calls up Takumi's father often to talk about their old racing days. Koichiro "Cole" Iketani: (Speed Stars) He is the leader of the Akina Speed Stars. He works as a mechanic and attendant at the gas station, and loves his Silvia racing car, but soon finds out his skills are far from the rest of the racers. Iketani's car: Nissan Silvia S-13. Kenji: (Speed Stars) He's the #2 driver for the Speed Stars, and while he and Iketani are about the same age, Kenji does enjoy a good race and hanging out at the gas station. Kenji's car: Nissan 180SX. Ryosuke "Ry" Takahashi: (Red Suns) With the legendary moniker of the White Comet, Ryosuke has never lost a battle, and when he's not racing, he spends most of his time analyzing his opponent's driving for weaknesses before humiliating him on the road. He has a major battle with Takumi at the climax of the First Stage, and later manages Project D team in the Fourth Stage. Ryosuke's car: Mazda RX-7 FC3S. (FC) Keisuke "K.T." Takahashi: (Red Suns) Keisuke is the #2 driver along with his brother Ry and they both have dominated street racing in Gunma. He drives with his heart and not his head. He brags about his skill, but he can back up all his talk. Keisuke's car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S. (FD) Takeshi "Zak" Nakazato: (Night Kids) Nakazato originally had a Nissan Silvia S13, but he was beaten by a R-32 a while ago, and decided he needed to get one of those which has 350 hp. Takeshi has a respect for power but for finesse driving but isn't afraid to blow away his opponent on a straightaway. Takeshi's car: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32. Shingo Shouji: (Night Kids) Shingo strives to be the top racer but he has some underhanded tactics. Not only does he ram his opponents while they are racing, but he also uses a special match condition called the Duct Tape Death Match that gives his car a distinct advantage over certain cars including the Eight-Six. Shingo's car: Honda Civic EG-6. Mako "Maya" Satou: (Impact Blue) Mako is the driver of the Sil-80. She seems like a normal girl, but she has had a few bad things happen in her past, and she turned to street racing for it. She is unbeatable on her home course at Mt. Usui, and her team challenges the Eight-Six with Iketani's virginity on the line. Mako's car: Nissan Sil-80. Sayuki "Simone": (Impact Blue) Sayuki is the navigator of the road. She looks out for oncoming cars and alerts Mako of any dangers. She also helps tune the car for optimal effect, making it the fastest on Usui. Kenta "Kent" Nakamura: (Red Suns) Kenta looks up to Keisuke and Ryosuke as mentors and guides. He eventually battles Takumi for the Akagi Red Suns in a downhill battle where he is the master of racing in the rain. Kenta's car: Nissan Silvia S14. Seiji "Hawk" Iwaki: (Emperor) He and the other Emperor racers have been tearing up the racing scene, easily beating the Night Kids, and even battling the Red Suns. Seiji's car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV (Evo IV) Kyoichi "Kyle" Sudou: (Emperor) Kyoichi is the big man and leader in Emperor. He is cocky, but he has eye popping skill to back it up. A rival of Ryosuke Takahashi, Kyoichi drives slowly at first, but when he sees his chance, he attacks with full force. He doesn't consider the Eight-Six a threat at all, and proves it in a big battle with Takumi. Kyoichi's car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III. (Evo III) Wataru "Aki" Akiyama: Wataru appears in Second Stage. He loves driving his Eight-Six and has many of the same skills that Takumi has in mastering his car. He is also the man who tricks Itsuki into buying an AE85. Wataru's car: Toyota Levin AE86 Turbo (Eight-Six) Kazumi "Carrie" Akiyama: She is Wataru's sister. She treats Itsuki like a boyfriend sometimes but her ties with her brother put the friends at odds. She spent part of the season working at Mt. Akina. Daiki "Dice" Ninomiya: A starring student at the Toudou school. Daiki's car: Honda Civic Type R EK-9 Kyoko "Kylie" Iwase: An expert uphiller, Kyoko meets Keisuke in a race and totally has a crush on him. Kyoko's car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S. (FD similar to Keisuke's) The Music of Initial D Japanese version Opening Themes 1a. Around the world - move (ep 1-19) 1b. Break into the night � move (ep 20-26) 2. Blazin' Beat � move (ep 27-39) 3. Gamble Rumble � move (third stage) 4a. Dogfight � move (ep 4-1 to 4-10) 4b. Noizy Tribe � move (ep 4-11 to 4-24) Japanese version Ending Themes 1a. Rage your dream � Move (ep 1-14) 1b. Kiseki no Hana � Galla (ep 15-26) 2. Kimi ga Iru � Galla (ep 27-39) 3. Every little thing � Jirenma (third stage) 4a. Blast My Desire � move (ep 4-1 to 4-10) 4b. Nobody reason (Noah's Ark) � move (ep 4-11 to 4-24) English version themes 1. Initialize � DJ Milky and b_nCHANt_d DVD's Tokyopop has released 14 volumes of Initial D that cover the first two stages and the extra stage. There are three episodes per volume except for Vol. 14 which covers the Sil-Eighty Extra Stage. Each DVD contains the original "c" version, and also a remastered "Tricked Out" version with redubbed voices and music.moreless
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    Lab Rats

    Lab Rats

    Disney XD
    A boy discovers a secret lab with bionic teenagers when he and his mother move into his new stepfather's high tech mansion.
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    The Powerpuff Girls

    The Powerpuff Girls

    Cartoon Network (ended 2009)
    Created by Craig McCracken, The Powerpuff Girls has become popular with a broad audience. The Powerpuff Girls first incarnation was as a project for Craig McCracken's college class at The California Arts Institution in 1992. Three years later, the crew at Cartoon Network saw it and gave it its first pilot in 1995. Later on in the following year, The Powerpuff Girls had their second pilot, and finally a TV series in 1998.

    The show is about three little girls who were created in a laboratory experiment by Professor Utonium, who combined sugar, spice, and everything nice in an effort to create the perfect little girl. However, the professor accidentally added some "Chemical X" into the mix, and the three girls were born from the resulting explosion. With their super charged powers, they challenge the forces of evil so that justice will prevail.

    The Powerpuff Girls is one of Cartoon Network's original animated series and is part of the collection known as Cartoon Cartoons.

    The Powerpuff Girls is one of Cartoon Network's highest rating shows.

    Craig McCracken is also the creator of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

    Show Info:

    Rated: TV Y-7

    Show Times:

    The show's schedule changes often. Check Cartoon Network for the latest schedule.

    As of November 27th, 2004, the show airs on:


    Cartoon Network @ 3:30 a.m. E & P


    Blossom - According to the closing credits' theme song, Blossom is "commander and the leader" of the Powerpuff Girls. The most intelligent and intellectual one of them all, she comes up with most of the plans to defeat the villains. She has very long red hair. At times she can be bossy but she always finds a way to keep her sisters from fighting each other. Her element is everything nice.

    Bubbles - Bubbles is "the joy and the laughter" of the group. As the sweetest one of all, she is overly sensitive and just hates to fight with her sisters. Even though she may seem bubbly on the outside she really is tough on the inside and proves at times to be hardcore as her sisters. Her element is sugar.

    Buttercup - Buttercup is "the toughest fighter." Her philosophy is to fight first and ask questions later. She is the most eager to defeat the villains on their missions. Though she seems tough all the time, she does have a sensitive side to her, which she rarely shows. Her element is spice.

    Professor Utonium - The creator of The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium is their father-figure who guides, teaches, and loves the girls.

    Mojo Jojo - The most maniacal of all the villains, Mojo hates The Powerpuff Girls with a vengeance. He used to be known simply as Jojo, the Professor's lab assistant, but after The Powerpuff Girls' birth, the chemicals that created them affected him as well and mutated his brain. Ever since then, he's dedicated his life to crushing them and the world that loves them.

    Him - Known as the evilest of evil, Him is a devil figure who despises The Powerpuff Girls. His plans to destroy them are typically the most psychologically twisted, but he always fails in his efforts.

    Fuzzy Lumpkins - A country hillbilly. Fuzzy doesn't really care about world domination or taking over Townsville. He just wants people off his property, and turns into a dangerous monster that the girls must fight when anyone violates his personal space.

    Princess Morebucks - A spoiled brat with a rotten temper. Princess is rich and gets anything she wants -- but when she meets The Powerpuff Girls, having super powers is what she wants most but can never have. She uses technology to act duplicitous, in hopes of either joining or destroying the Powerpuff Girls, but her efforts always fail.

    The Mayor - The dumb, but lovable ruler of Townsville. He mindlessly watches over Townsville and when there's trouble he uses the hotline and alerts the Powerpuff Girls right away.

    Ms. Bellum - The beautiful brains behind the Mayor. Whenever the Mayor does something stupid, she corrects it. He would be lost without her. She is also an important female role model for the Powerpuff Girls. In many ways, Ms. Bellum and the Powerpuff Girls are the most powerful people in Townsville.

    Ms. Keane - A teacher at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten who is a mentor to The Powerpuff Girls. She is gentle and kind, and when there are problems in the oom, she shows The Powerpuff Girls a better solution without violence.

    The Amoeba Boys - Three villains that desperately try to come up with crimes worthy of getting the Powerpuff Girls attention, so they can be considered super villains and go to jail. But they're just amoebas, and their efforts never really come to much.

    The Gang Green Gang - A gang comprised of 5 mutated green-skinned teens. Their names are Ace, Big Billy, Grubber, Snake, and Lil' Arturo. Unlike most villains they are not that concerned about taking over Townsville. They just love to commit petty crimes.

    Sedusa - Yet another villain, Sedusa is a medusa-like figure who has snake-like hair, the source of her superpowers. She is a master of disguise who uses her feminine wiles to seduce men into giving her want she wants and escaping crimes.

    The Rowdyruff Boys - The evil male counterparts of The Powerpuff Girls, these three boys were originally created by Mojo Jojo, using snips, snails, and puppy-dog tails, which he mixed together in a disgusting prison toilet. Their powers are a fairly even match for the girls.

    Awards & Nominations:

    2005 Annie Awards - Character Design in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)

    2004 Annie Awards - Outstanding Character Design in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)

    2003 Annie Awards - Outstanding Character Design in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)

    2001 Kids' Choice Awards - Favorite Cartoon (Nominated)

    2001 Annie Awards - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Music Score an Animated Television Production (Won!) - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Television Production (Won!)

    2001 Emmy Awards - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) (Nominated)

    2000 Annie Awards - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)

    2000 Emmy Awards - Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation (Won!) - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) (Nominated)

    1999 Annie Awards - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Directing in an Animated Television Production (Nominated) - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Production Design in an Animated Television Production (Nominated) - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production (Nominated)

    1999 Emmy Awards - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) (Nominated)

    More Details

    Theme Lyrics:

    Main Theme

    (Narration) Sugar Spice and everything Nice

    These are the ingredients to the perfect little girl.

    But Professor Utonium accidentally added one ingredient to the concoction: Chemical X


    Thus, the Powerpuff Girls were born. Using their ultra superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil!

    End Lyrics (by BiS)

    Blossom, commander and the leader Bubbles, she is the joy and the laughter Buttercup, she is the toughest fighter Powerpuffs save the day!

    Fighting crime, trying to save the world Here they come just in time The Powerpuff Girls!

    Fighting crime, trying to save the world Here they come just in time The Powerpuff Girls!

    POWERPUFF!! The Powerpuff Girls now air on Boomerang.moreless
  • 69
    Miami Vice

    Miami Vice

    NBC (ended 1989)
    Miami Vice was one of the most innovative and powerful TV series of all time. Focusing on the Miami Metro-Dade Police "Vice" Department and it's continued battle against the illicit drug, prostitution, and firearms crime underworld of the city of Miami. It used fashion, color, and a varied musical selection in order to accentuate and amplify the emotional undercurrent of the drama it portrayed.moreless
  • 70
    Green Lantern: The Animated Series

    Green Lantern: The Animated Series

    Cartoon Network (ended 2013)
    Based on the popular comic series by DC Comics, this CGI animated series features Hal Jordan of Earth, one of the 3,600 members of the Green Lantern Corps. Each members wears a power ring which the user can apply his willpower to create anything he or she can imagine. Each "Green Lantern" patrols their sector of the universe, protecting it against any and all threats. Hal and his comrade, Kilowog, travel to the Frontier Sector to deal with a new threat: the Red Lanterns, who use rage instead of willpower to focus their power rings.moreless
  • 71


    NBC (ended 1975)
    Adam-12 follows the career of Officer Pete Malloy, who had decided to leave the LAPD after his young partner was killed in the line of duty. He has one night to go and for that last ride, he is assigned a rookie, fresh out of the police academy, to take out on his first night on the street. After that night, Malloy decides that he must stay around a little longer if Officer Jim Reed is going to survive his 9 month probationary period.
    Adam-12, which was another "true-story" based television series from Jack Webb in the same vein as Dragnet and Emergency, was the first TV series to more realistically portray the joys and frustrations of being a police officer in the late 1960s through middle 1970s. This "new" attention to detail made the show a catalyst for uncounted numbers of people to enter law enforcement agencies when they became adults, the same way COPS has done since 1989.
    "1-Adam-12" was the radio call sign of the patrol unit that Malloy and Reed worked. In Los Angeles, the first digit (1), represented the division worked. "Adam" is the LAPD designation for a 2-person patrol unit; "12" was the beat area assigned. Although, Malloy & Reed could be seen patrolling the streets all over Los Angeles from downtown to the Valley, they retained the division number 1, no matter where they were. In reality, you work the same district each day and are assigned a zone in that district.
    The police station used throughout the series for exteriors was the then recently built (1965) Rampart Station, which is in actuality, Los Angeles, Division 2. Jack Webb was such a stickler for authenticity, that he had the Rampart substation's insides exactly duplicated in the sound stage for interiors.
    Adam-12 remained popular during it's entire run, though it began to slip some in it's sixth season. This prompted the producers to free Malloy and Reed up from their district and start patrolling all over the L.A. area. Their assignments would now take them to LAX, the Los Angeles Harbor, the Foothill District, the West Valley area, Venice, Van Nuys, Hollywood and North Hollywood. Also included would be a two part episode where Reed and Malloy go airborne with an ASD helicopter unit.moreless
  • 72
    Secret Garden

    Secret Garden

    Secret Garden is a fun Korean romantic comedy series written by Kim Eun Sook and Kang Eun Jung, the writing team responsible for the international smash-hit Lovers in Paris, and starring Hyun Bin (Friend, Our Legend) and Ha Ji Won (Damo) in a story about a man and a woman who magically and accidentally switch bodies-and then fall in love. Hyun Bin plays Kim Joo Won, a privileged and hard-headed heir to a sizable fortune who constantly spurns his mother's attempts at setting him up with a good woman. After years of refusing to start a relationship with anyone, he suddenly falls for Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a gorgeous stunt woman. Unfortunately for him, Gil Ra Im isn't the least bit interested. It looks like Kim Joo Won will have to give up on trying to court her until fate intervenes and the two of them magically switch bodies. As they try to live each other's lives without making too much trouble, they grow far closer than either ever imagined.moreless
  • 73
    X-Men: Evolution

    X-Men: Evolution

    The WB (ended 2003)
    X-Men: Evolution brought the fan favorite comic book title onto the TV screen. The series loosely follows the main stories of the original comic. The main cast has been turned into kids (with the exception of Wolverine, Prof. X, and a few select others). Most of the fan favorites are accounted for, including Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm.

    X-Men: Evolution follows the lives of six mutants (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, ShadowCat, Rouge, and a new original named Spyke) who attend Xavier's Institute for the Gifted. There they learn how to control their powers and use it for good.

    Episodes: 52 Color Episodes (52 half-hour episodes, 4 two-part episodes) Production: Marvel Enterprises Distributors: Kids' WB The series won two Daytime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing - Special Class and Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Live Action and Animation.moreless
  • 74
    Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

    Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

    Cartoon Network (ended 2013)
    This edition of the Scooby-Doo franchise is based in the small town of Crystal Cove, a place with a long history of ghost sightings, demons, phantoms and other paranormal activity. What better place for Scooby and the gang to put down roots?moreless
  • 75


    FOX (ended 2010)
    They can be anyone you want. The Dollhouse is a very secret, and very illegal, place where wishes come true. Clients with the right connections and enough money can hire "Actives", people who have been programmed to perfectly fulfill the needs, and desires of their clients. The Actives are people who have chosen, for their own reasons, to surrender their bodies and minds for a five-year stay in the Dollhouse. Now they can be imprinted with any personality, skill, or even muscle memory. They can be the perfect companion, lover, spy, assassin; and when the job is done they forget everything. But something is wrong with the Active called "Echo". No longer just a blank slate waiting for her next assignment, Echo is remembering flashes of the lives that she has lived and the games she has played, and she is starting to wonder just who she really is... Dollhouse is a production of 20th Century Fox Television, Joss Whedon's "Mutant Enemy", and Eliza Dushku's "Boston Diva Productions".moreless
  • 76
    Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible

    CBS (ended 1973)
    This 7-year series chronicled the adventures of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF), a team of government spies and specialists who were offered "impossible missions" (should they decide to accept them) by the unseen "Secretary". Although the cast varied over the years, the main characters included The Team Leader (Dan Briggs the first season, then Jim Phelps the other six), The Techno-Wizard (Barney Collier), The Strongman (Willy Armitage), The Master of Disguise (first Rollin Hand, then The Amazing Paris), and The Femme Fatale (Cinnamon Carter, Dana Lambert, Casey, Mimi Davis). The series is best known for its standard (but not invariable) opening mission contact (conducted by a pre-recorded message), the theme composed by Lalo Schifrin, the leader's selection of mission agents from a dossier, the opening briefing, the intricate use of disguises and a typical "mask pulloff" scene near the end of most episodes, and the relative lack of characterization of the characters.moreless
  • 77
    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

    CBS (ended 2011)
    Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior involves an elite team of special agents who work in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Forest Whitaker portrays Unit Chief Sam Cooper, a long-time agent who left the FBI, but returned to head a team of renegade profilers that operates as far out of the bureaucracy as possible. Beau Garrett portrays SSA Gina LaSalle, tough agent armed with a cunning sense of perception. Matt Ryan is SSA Mick Rawson, an ex-British Special Forces soldier, and Michael Kelly is SSA John "Prophet" Sims, who spent six years in jail. Janeane Garofalo, as Beth Griffith, from the FBI Threat Assessment Task Force, is the newest member. Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia brings her computer wizardry to the team. The project is from ABC Studios, CBS Television Studios and The Mark Gordon Company.moreless
  • 78


    NBC (ended 2006)
    Ever wonder what life would be like if a new form of sea life began to appear in locales all over the earth? "Surface" is an expansive drama and undersea adventure that centers on the appearance of mysterious sea creatures in the deep ocean -- and tracks the lives of four characters. They are: Laura Daughtery (Lake Bell, "Boston Legal"), the young oceanographer who discovers the secret; Dr. Aleksander Cirko (Rade Sherbedgia, "Snatch"), the government scientist who tries to keep things under wraps; Rich Connelly (Jay R. Ferguson, "Judging Amy"), the Louisiana insurance salesman who loses his brother in a suspicious diving accident; and Miles Barnett (Carter Jenkins, "CSI: New York"), the young boy who brings one of the creatures ashore. The mystery ensnares a spectrum of people, including naval officers in the South Antarctic Sea, a family in North Carolina, scientists from the Oceanographic Institute in Monterey, and fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. The seemingly innocent creatures they find are beautiful, and kids may even want to play with them -- but is there something more to them? One thing's for sure – they're full of surprises as viewers embark on this journey to discover what might be lurking in the sea. "'Surface' is entertainment for all ages in the tradition of 'E.T.' and 'Close Encounters,'" said Josh and Jonas Pate, the series' creators and executive producers. "It will have action, suspense, thrills and heart as we track the fantastic into the familiar." The Pates continued: "We'll follow the teenager as he raises the sea monster in a suburban garage. We'll admire the young dedicated oceanographer as she takes unbelievable risks to get to the bottom of the mystery. We'll feel the grief and obsession of the every-man from Louisiana, and answer the questions surrounding the mysterious Dr. Cirko. This series will plumb the depths of suspense." "Something is down there." "Surface" is from NBC Universal Television Studio and was created by Josh and Jonas Pate ("Dragnet"), who also serve as executive producers. NOTE: The original title of the series was Fathom but was changed after it came to light that the rights to the name were owned by another company.moreless
  • 79


    Adult Swim (ended 2008)
    Blood+, the follow up to one of the best-selling animé films of all time, Blood: The Last Vampire, comes to Adult Swim. The story, set in modern-day Okinawa, follows high school senior Saya Otonashi who lives a happy life with her adoptive family. She is suffering from a great memory loss and can only remember the events of her life in the past year. Her happy existence is shattered one night when she is attacked by a blood-sucking creature called a "Chiropteran". The attack triggers her memories and she soon discovers that she is the only one who can defeat the Chiropterans.
    Opening Themes:
    "Aozora no Namida" by Hitomi Takahashi (eps 1-13)
    "SEASON'S CALL" by HYDE (eps 14-25)
    "Colors of the Heart" by UVERworld (eps 26-38)
    "Raion" by Jinn (eps 39-)
    Closing Theme:
    "Kataritsugu koto" by Chitose Hajime (eps 1-13, 50)
    "CRY NO MORE" by Mika Nakashima (eps 14-25)
    "This Love" by Angela Aki (eps 26-38)
    "Brand New Map" by K (eps 39-49)moreless
  • 80
    League of Super Evil

    League of Super Evil

    Cartoon Network (ended 2010)
    There's no better time to root for the bad guys than with The League of Super Evil (L.O.S.E). There's Voltar, their evil leader; Red Menace, the group's muscle; Doktor Frogg, the group's mad scientist; and Doomageddon, the well, the dog. Follow these four Super Villains as they try for neighborhood domination!moreless
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