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    The Naked Brothers Band

    The Naked Brothers Band

    Nickelodeon (ended 2009)
    Real-life brothers Nat and Alex Wolff set out to prove that rock and roll isn't just for adults in this rock-mockumentary parody, with songs composed by the Wolff brothers themselves. As for being based on real life, the series is created by the siblings mom, Polly Draper ("thirtysomething" actress), who also serves as chief writer, executive producer, and director. Draper's husband and Nat and Alex's dad, jazz pianist Michael Wolff (former music director of "The Arsenio Hall Show") stars as the accordion playing dad on the show, who also serves as music supervisor/producer. The path to super stardom is a long, difficult one. The cameras follows Nat and Alex through their concerts, their rehearsals, and their private lives, as they deal with the growing pains related to love, friendship, and fame. Do the boys have what it takes to make it in the music business? By the music business we mean The Naked Brothers Band consisting of Nat and Alex Wolff, Allie DiMeco (as Rosalina), Cooper Pillot as the band's manager, David Levi, Thomas Batuello, and Qaasim Middleton.moreless