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    Sonic Underground

    Sonic Underground

    Syfy (ended 1999)
    Sonic Underground premiered in 1999, and is the third U.S animated adventure to feature Sonic The Hedgehog, as with the previous two series, this show takes a slightly different direction and tone. This time, Sonic is one of three siblings, who together, are known as the hit rock band "Sonic Underground". In addition to being a rock band, the siblings are also the children of Aleena, queen of Mobius, who hid her kin away at an early age to keep them safe from the evil dictator who overthrew her: Sonic's age-old enemy, Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik learns of a prophecy that the hedgehogs will one day defeat him, find their mother, and restore peace to the planet. He immediately schemes to ensure the super-charged siblings do not fulfil this premonition. But with the aid of powerful medallions, Sonic, his brother Manic, and their sister Sonia, are determined to take the fight to Robotnik and his SWAT BOTS, as well as take the fight for freedom to a whole new velocity level. NOTE: It was shown on the BKN (Big Kids' Network), which Sci-Fi was affiliated with until 2001. It was syndicated onto UPN, but originally was with the Sci-Fi Channel weekdays at 6 A.M. Central Standards Time. Sonic Underground Theme Song: Triplets Born The Throne Awaits A Seer Warns Of A Deadly Fate Give up Your Children, Seperate Bide Your Time, Lie in Wait Sonic Underground Sonic Underground They Made A Vow Their Mother Will Be Found The Children Grow, Learn What's Right Leaders Of The Freedom Fight They Seek Their Mother, She Knows They Do Is It Time? If She Only Knew.. Will the Prophecy come True? Sonic Underground Sonic Underground Queen Aleena: I long for my children, but I have to wait, to act too soon could seal thier fate... They Made A Vow Their Mother Will Be Found SONIC UNDERGROUND! CHARACTERS: SONIC: One character that definitely doesn't need to be introduced is Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the fastest and coolest hedgehog in all of Mobius. His famous Super Spin lets him buzz right through walls, robots, and any obstacle Robotnik can come up with. Just like the 2 previous cartoons, he's voiced by Jaleel "Urkel" White. MANIC: One of the new characters in "Sonic Underground" is Sonic's brother Manic. Being a drummer, his brain can sometimes be too busy listening to his own unique beat to focus on what's happening arond him. He doesn't have any speed skills like Sonic; the only one he has mastered so far is speed drumming. He too is voiced by Jaleel White. SONIA: Another character is Sonic's sister Sonia. Her musical instrument is a portable keyboard synthesizer which also serves her as a gun. While Sonia doesn't have Sonic's speed, she has an unique ability: the Super Twirl, which lets her accelerate into a whirlwind spiral.Belive it or not, she's also voiced by Jaleel White. DR. ROBOTNIK: Robotnik is the ultimate villain, which we all love to hate. He is as mean and evil-looking as always, and more determined to catch Sonic and his siblings than ever, removing the last threat that stands between his final triumph. Voiced by Gary Chalk, who you may remember as the voice of Grounder from AoStH SWATBOTS: The new model SWATBOTS are meaner and more dangerous than the version in the previous cartoon series. They are all hi-tech, sporting a red metal body and dark grey metal limbs. Dingo and Sleet: Dingo and Sleet are Dr.Robotnik's evil Bounty Hunters. Dingo is a buff and muscle-bound dingodile who is in love with Sonia and not too bright however he is able to transform into anything. Sleet is a very smart Wolf who can make up very good plans to catch Sonic and his siblings.moreless