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    The Men Who Killed Kennedy

    The Men Who Killed Kennedy

    The History Channel (ended 2003)
    A medical technician who was at the autopsy states categorically that the body he saw was not the one shown in the official photographs. The mortician who buried Lee Harvey Oswald reveals the startling discovery made when the "assassin's" body was exhumed 18 years later. A highly decorated Army officer says he was trained to eliminate key witnesses... 40 years after JFK was shot in Dallas, controversy continues to rage around his assassination. THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY is the most comprehensive examination of the case ever filmed, drawing on exclusive interviews with highly placed government sources and independent investigators. The six original episodes in this series investigates everything from the "Miami Connection" to the possibility that Bobby Kennedy's plan to murder Castro was co-opted and used on his brother! So who did kill President Kennedy on that fateful November day. The Russians, Castro, the Mafia, the Government, the Army, Lee Harvey Oswald, or perhaps a combination of the before mentioned. That's your decision as this documentary examines all the possibilities. No doubt that this tragic event greatly effected the course of American society. Therefore we have a right to know what really happened in Dallas, TX on November 23, 1963. On the 40th anniversay of the assassination, The History Channel aired three additional episodes, one of which caused a large controversary, alledging that former Presdient Lyndon Johnson was involved in the conspiracy.moreless