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    High School Reunion

    High School Reunion

    The WB
    Back stabbing! Boyfriend swapping! Brawls! TV Land brings it on with the return of High School Reunion. Watch as 14 alums are reunited after 20 years on the island of Maui. The ante is upped daily as vengeful new arrivals from rival cliques, classes and a nearby public school, do everything they can to crash the party and seek redemption.

    WB Broadcast History

    Season 1 High School: Oak Park River Forest of 1992 Season Aired: Jan.-Feb. 2003

    Season 2 High School: Round Rock of 1993 Season Aired: Mar.-May 2004

    Season 3 High School: Cardinal Gibbons of 1994 Season Aired: Dec. 2004-Jan. 2005

    T.V. Land Broadcast History

    Season 4 High School: J.J. Pearce High School Class of 1987 Season Aired: Mar.-Apr. 2008moreless