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    Samantha Brown's Passport

    Samantha Brown's Passport

    Travel Channel
    Samantha Brownâ��s **** is a reality travel show developed by the Travel Channel that follows its host Samantha Brown as she takes in what the world has to offer in her trips to well known, exotic, or hidden places in the United States and beyond. Though funded by the Travel Channel, Samantha isnâ��t set up in a comfortable hotel to share the typical tourist fare but instead joins the practices of a well-practiced traveler, highlighting the hotels, hostels, restaurants, and activities for a traveling budget. Samantha Brownâ��s **** is an on-going and evolving series with specific destinations in mind, such as her **** to Europe, **** to Great Weekends, **** to Latin America, and **** to China. Samantha takes viewers to magnificent cities to reveal vivid landscapes and the unique destinations from mountaintop villages to seacoast towns. Samantha Brown has been a host for the Travel Channel for over ten years with a **** stamped with over a dozen countries, hundreds of cities, and an opinion on the beds and breakfasts of thousands of hostels around the world.moreless