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    Shugo Chara!

    Shugo Chara!

    TV Tokyo (ended 2010)
    Hinamori, Amu is a member of the Guardians, a group that aims to protect the heart's egg and find a special egg called the Embryo, which grants a person their wishes. Amu has to find the Embryo to prevent the Easter Company from using it for their own selfish needs. Openings: Kokoro no Tamago (1-26) (Heart's Egg) Minna Daisuki (27-51) (Liking Everyone) Minna no Tamago (52-64) (Everyone's Egg) Shugo! Shugo! (65-76) (Guardian! Guardian!) Omakase Guardian (77-89) (Leave it to the Guardians) School Days (90-102) Endings: Honto no Jibun (1-12) (Would be self) Renai Raida (12-26) (Renai Rider) Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (27-40) Gachinko de Ikou (41-51) (Do Your Best And Go!) Rottara Rottara (52-68) (Lotta Love) co・no・mi・chi (69-76)(This Road) My Boy (77-89) Take it Easy (90-102)
    Show Trivia: Shugo Chara Egg & Buono, the groups that sing the intros and outros of the show were created just for the anime. The manga was created by Peach-Pit. The theme to Shugo Chara is cards. (Ace, King, Queen, Jack etc.) moreless