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    The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

    The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

    The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is one of the classiest sporting events in the world. Since the first show in 1877, the Westminster Dog Show has crowned hundreds of dogs as best in show, granting them the highest honor a dog can receive. During the show, dogs are judged based on specific standards for their breeds for two full days in February. After initial group judging, the top dog from each of the seven groups are allowed to move on to the final round and a chance to win best of show. This judging technique provides all dogs with an equal opportunity to win the show. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has grown to be one of the most popular sports specials aired since it was first broadcasted in 1948. The Club also hosts a Junior Showmanship competition, with the finalists receiving scholarships for post-secondary schooling. What could be classier than an upscale competition focused on some of the world's most beloved animals? Well, you would have to be barking mad to miss the next Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.moreless