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    Characters Unite

    Characters Unite

    Characters Unite is an anti-discrimination campaign championed by the USA Network. The campaign promotes tolerance for all people, regardless of their gender, race, age, social status, religion, or other attributes. Several USA Network stars support the campaign publicly and appear on its website and other promotional materials. Users who visit the Characters Unite web site can play a flash game that analyzes the diversity of their Facebook friends; users can also watch a series of public service clips, join in forum discussions, and donate money to help various humanitarian causes throughout the world. The movement aims to end bullying, libel, slander, prejudiced thought, discrimination, and hate; it advocates respect for all persons, without exception. To accomplish its goals, Characters Unite has formed partnerships with some of the largest, most respected, and most effective charitable organizations; each of these has a professed commitment to fully blotting out hatred and promoting mutual respect.moreless
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    Hannibal The Wrath of the Lamb