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    Get Schooled

    Get Schooled

    Get Schooled is a VH1 documentary series that aims to provide students with some perspective about the importance of education and how school will help you achieve amazing things if you apply yourself. Sometimes it's hard to see the big picture. School is boring, there's no clear point to the lessons, and there are so many things you'd rather be doing. Get Schooled follows three young professionals who have achieved tremendous success at a young age. In entertainment, we meet Kelly Clarkson's Music Director as he works with Kelly to prepare her for an upcoming performance. In sports, we meet LeBron James' marketing manager as she explains what her job is and the unconventional education route she took to land this esteemed position. In politics and writing, we learn who Barack Obama's speech writer is, and how such a young man became not only a member of the President's inner circle, but a man in charge of presenting the President's ideas to the public. Get Schooled will help ambitious students see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the importance of sticking with school.moreless
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