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    D'Myna Leagues

    D'Myna Leagues

    Picture this. You're a sports superstar. A hero. Soon your beak will be all over that Wheaties box, and your coinage'll be dragging down your cargos. You're on the road to fame, fortune, and freedom. But wait! The bus is full of wingnuts! Like those Mungo Brothers, baseball's answer to the Three Stooges. Or Mississippi Mud Flap Flammen and Horatio "Big Tree" Powell, who couldn't catch a cold from a wet Kleenex. And who's this know it all Nikki Tinker, and why does she know it all, including how to fix your swing? And what about that fat cat Radcliff, always sending those shifty losers Schlitzy and Paully to screw up your game? And those Weasels -- MAN, do they cheat! Sometimes you wonder how you got in with this bunch... the food fights, fungus pizza, and bus ride belch-o-ramas... But hey - that's what it's like to leave the nest and chase a dream - that's life in D'Myna Leagues!moreless