Never Come Back

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 1989 Unknown


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Never Come Back

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Never Come Back from the BBC is a thriller film which follows writer Desmond Thane (Nathaniel Parker) in 1939 Britain during a period known as the "Phony War". Desmond Thane is a writer by day making his living writing a women's magazine. As a playboy by night he is bouncing from one woman's bed to the next each night, until he finds a woman who is able to keep his attention, Anna Raven (Suzanna Hamilton). As this woman captures Desmond's mind and attention he becomes obsessed by the discovery of a diary that Anna has. As he reads the diary and becomes more curious he confronts Anna. When Desmond confronts Anna about the diary he suddenly finds himself delving further and further into a world of lies, murder, torture and possibly treason. Producer Joe Waters and director Ben Bolt have given this BBC miniseries both the look and feel of a feature film.

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AIRED ON 4/4/1990

Season 1 : Episode 3

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characters with hidden agendas, extraordinary situations, facing danger, characters with double lives, high stake situations