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Unsympathetic to the precious pomposity of the rock and pop industry, 'Buzzcocks' takes a sledgehammer to the delicate egos of the biggest and most famous names in music - often whilst they are guests on the programme. The scathing wit of Mark Lamarr and later Simon Amstell, has literally caused guests to walk off the show.  From 2009 to 2013, the show was presented by different guest hosts each week. In July 2014 it was revealed that Rhod Gilbert would become the show's third regular host from the 28th series. This would turn out to be the final series as the BBC announced in May 2015 that the show had been axed.

In 2013, the BBC aired a series called What a Load of Buzzcocks which is narrated by Blur's Alex James and looks at the best bits of a certain year of music including moments from 'Buzzcocks'.


    Welcome to Simon Amstell's Grandma's House

    REVIEW:Never Mind the Buzzcocks' Simon Amstell tries his hand at acting and writing.

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    • Nerver mind the Buzzcocks

      Y U No Funny No More
    • A funny show in U.K.

      I am not from the U.K. so I don't get to watch the show very much, but I have seen it a few times, and it is very funny. I didn't know Brits could be so hilarious without trying too hard. I like having the panel of British celebrities and how they interact with everyone. They seem to all have fun and they are all included in the discussion. My favorite episode of the show would have to be the one where Melanie Chisholm was a guest on the show. She was actually quite funny and we got to see a side of her that wasn't always seen. I liked that she revealed her true feelings of the Spice Girls reunion tour and that she didn't try to hide her true emotions. Overall, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a funny show. Thank you.moreless
    • Used to be good, time to put it down. Series 24 needs to be pulled.

      This show used to be great; both lemaar and simon did a super job. This series, so far as episode 1 is concerned is woeful.

      A bunch of talentless fools shows the BBC can no longer persuade decent talent to come on anymore. The host simply didn't hack it, reading the autoqueue with the most dry unengaging drone. The guest comedian who thinks having a stupid hair cut adds to his act. The talentless singers - who the hell was that tinie guy who pulled a sour face throughout - at least I've heard of Alicia and know she's a talentless factory fodder singer? Even the once decent Jupitus failed to live up to his former glory.

      As with any wounded animal that has no future, time to put a shotgun to its head.moreless
    • a great show now going downhill

      This was a great show.

      When Mark Lemar was host you knew you could tune in and find music triva and have a laugh because of the comments made.

      Since Simon Amstell took over the show has gone down hill because he has not got the charm and comedy talent.

      He is a bad host who does make the odd few jokes which are funny but not that many.

      The change in games is silly because the game where you had to guess who was the real famous person. The new game is people dressed as celebrities. It is silly.

      Overall this show would be much better with a better host.moreless
    • It took Lamarr a series to hit his stride with the show, but Jeez!

      Simon Amstell was to many amusing in his stint in Popworld, largely because he challenged the most petulant of pop stars with questions which made them look more foolish that their own perceptions of themselves would declare.

      In many respects, he's tried to translate it to NMT Buzzcocks, a show famous for the love or loathe style of Mark Lamarr's misanthropic, and at times apathetic wit.

      Problem is, Amstell seems to pigeon-hole himself to attract any viewer under the age of 20. Quite frankly, there's already a place for anyone of that age to go - It's Popworld.

      I do apologise for the generalisation, there are those under 20 whose tastes in music transcend their own lifetimes. It seems Mr Amstell's does not.

      The reference to Ricky Ross as an artist off the radar of the zeitgeist was unfunny, and in many ways unfair to someone with a formerly successful if sanitised pop career in the 80s. Phil Nichol has peddled the same act since he started in the UK, and we get A gobby Alesha Dixon who'll be famous for her husband sleeping with her best mate, and being a general cretin.

      Not the most auspicious of starts.

      It continues to Vanessa Feltz getting airtime and complimented when I was crying out for a Lamarr tradmark put-down to offend and shut her up with any luck.

      I've had zero interest in any of the guests thus far in this series (because I missed the episode with Stewart Lee unfortunately).

      I could care less if pop stars of the day appear (Lily Allen, Matt Willis etc) but would tune in attentively to hear Green Gartside, Roddy Frame, Glenn Tilbrook, or Paddy McAloon get involved in proceedings. Or a legend like Dave Gilmour next to Andrew Collins.

      And someone more musically astute than Mr Amstell at the helm.

      Failing that I'll watch VH1.moreless

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