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  • Nerver mind the Buzzcocks

    Y U No Funny No More
  • Used to be good, time to put it down. Series 24 needs to be pulled.

    This show used to be great; both lemaar and simon did a super job. This series, so far as episode 1 is concerned is woeful.

    A bunch of talentless fools shows the BBC can no longer persuade decent talent to come on anymore. The host simply didn't hack it, reading the autoqueue with the most dry unengaging drone. The guest comedian who thinks having a stupid hair cut adds to his act. The talentless singers - who the hell was that tinie guy who pulled a sour face throughout - at least I've heard of Alicia and know she's a talentless factory fodder singer? Even the once decent Jupitus failed to live up to his former glory.

    As with any wounded animal that has no future, time to put a shotgun to its head.
  • It took Lamarr a series to hit his stride with the show, but Jeez!

    Simon Amstell was to many amusing in his stint in Popworld, largely because he challenged the most petulant of pop stars with questions which made them look more foolish that their own perceptions of themselves would declare.

    In many respects, he's tried to translate it to NMT Buzzcocks, a show famous for the love or loathe style of Mark Lamarr's misanthropic, and at times apathetic wit.

    Problem is, Amstell seems to pigeon-hole himself to attract any viewer under the age of 20. Quite frankly, there's already a place for anyone of that age to go - It's Popworld.

    I do apologise for the generalisation, there are those under 20 whose tastes in music transcend their own lifetimes. It seems Mr Amstell's does not.

    The reference to Ricky Ross as an artist off the radar of the zeitgeist was unfunny, and in many ways unfair to someone with a formerly successful if sanitised pop career in the 80s. Phil Nichol has peddled the same act since he started in the UK, and we get A gobby Alesha Dixon who'll be famous for her husband sleeping with her best mate, and being a general cretin.

    Not the most auspicious of starts.

    It continues to Vanessa Feltz getting airtime and complimented when I was crying out for a Lamarr tradmark put-down to offend and shut her up with any luck.

    I've had zero interest in any of the guests thus far in this series (because I missed the episode with Stewart Lee unfortunately).

    I could care less if pop stars of the day appear (Lily Allen, Matt Willis etc) but would tune in attentively to hear Green Gartside, Roddy Frame, Glenn Tilbrook, or Paddy McAloon get involved in proceedings. Or a legend like Dave Gilmour next to Andrew Collins.

    And someone more musically astute than Mr Amstell at the helm.

    Failing that I'll watch VH1.
  • a great show now going downhill

    This was a great show.
    When Mark Lemar was host you knew you could tune in and find music triva and have a laugh because of the comments made.
    Since Simon Amstell took over the show has gone down hill because he has not got the charm and comedy talent.
    He is a bad host who does make the odd few jokes which are funny but not that many.
    The change in games is silly because the game where you had to guess who was the real famous person. The new game is people dressed as celebrities. It is silly.
    Overall this show would be much better with a better host.
  • A funny show in U.K.

    I am not from the U.K. so I don't get to watch the show very much, but I have seen it a few times, and it is very funny. I didn't know Brits could be so hilarious without trying too hard. I like having the panel of British celebrities and how they interact with everyone. They seem to all have fun and they are all included in the discussion. My favorite episode of the show would have to be the one where Melanie Chisholm was a guest on the show. She was actually quite funny and we got to see a side of her that wasn't always seen. I liked that she revealed her true feelings of the Spice Girls reunion tour and that she didn't try to hide her true emotions. Overall, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a funny show. Thank you.
  • Wow

    Very very funny show! I've first saw the show when I was searching some videos with Amy Winehouse and I got over the episode where she was invited.. and it was pretty hillarious! Which made me watch more of the show!! It's very funny! I love Amstell (the beer too) and his clean and sarcastical jokes. He's not afraid of making fun of people in front of their faces, and he's got pretty nice jokes in the repertoaire. Ok. Sorry for repeating myself, but I hope you got the point. Anyway, I can't get enough, every time I watch them I laugh, and I end up with my mouth and belly hurting. You surely have to see the show. It's very funny and nice!
  • I have always liked Lemar as the host of NMTB but at the same time I love Simon Amstell, it is unfair to say that Simon is not a good comedian.

    Simon Amstell appeared on the show twice before appearing as host a few years ago and it was understood by everyone that his comic style would be different to Lemars. Lets face it no one would like to have another comic doing exactly the same as Lemar, we'd all get sick of the fact that he'd be copying and it wouldn't be Lemar. Simon Amstell brings something new to the show, showing a younger comedy that is love by not just adult but teenagers too! You have to be a brilliant host to keep the laughs coming in, especially when making comebacks on the spot. It is rumored though that Amstell may not be returning to NMTB as the last special tribute episode made out that Simon had recently died.
  • a brilliant piece of light comic entertainment courtesy of the bbc.


    never mind the buzzcocks is a jewel of light entertainment. great for sitting about alone or with company in front of the tv.

    the regular cast keep everything fun making jokes off of all the quiz's musical rounds.

    the kind of quality mindless tv it's nice to watch some times when you want to relax.
  • Now I know that there were those who thought that the choice of host after La marr's exit was a bad one. They were wrong. Simon Amstell is a comedic genius when it comes to wit, and I can't imagine anyone else as host. Now let's write a review!

    For those new to the show, it is a British, comedic, music panel show, which deals with taunting its guests to a point where the audience is left reeling in laughter. The guests themselves make the show; some of them are desperate forgotten pop stars trying to claw there way back into popularity, some are modern pop stars who feel compelled, for whatever reason, to go on a show that is sure to ruin their reputation. And all of them make for compelling viewing. From the lunatic rants of Donny Tourettes, to the surreal comedy of Noel Fielding, all the guests bring some kind of style to the show, although ultimately they serve to be ridiculed by the scathing wit of Simon Amstell.

    Amstell has a quick mind, and perfect for the role of goading the guests. He mocks everyone, be it Preston, who actually stormed of the show in anger, to Jermaine Jackson, and quips about his brother, the famously weird Michael Jackson. To some new viewers this may seem cruel, but the charming, cheeky way in which Amstell handles it is addicting to watch, you will find yourself laughing so much, it will actually hurt.

    Joining Amstell are the team captains, Bill Bailey, and Phill Jupitus. The surreal comedy of Bill Bailey is enough to crack any doubters of the show's shell, and will have you in tears as he criticises anyone who has the fashion sense to dress worse then him (which is hard, seeing as he himself describes his look as Hippy crossed with Orc). Meanwhile, Jupitus brings his own style to the show, and is another perfect captain to accompany Amstell.

    The show features rounds that the guests participate in, in order to win points for there team to win. It sounds like a standard trivia pop quiz, but the way that it is handled, from the host inventing new rules on the spot, to new rounds based on the guests that are there, (Davro or Dennis was a personal favourite). This show is a quirky Pop Quiz, that is, in my opinion, the best quiz around. If you haven't watched NMTB before, I implore you too, you will not regret it, I swear.