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  • It took Lamarr a series to hit his stride with the show, but Jeez!

    Simon Amstell was to many amusing in his stint in Popworld, largely because he challenged the most petulant of pop stars with questions which made them look more foolish that their own perceptions of themselves would declare.

    In many respects, he's tried to translate it to NMT Buzzcocks, a show famous for the love or loathe style of Mark Lamarr's misanthropic, and at times apathetic wit.

    Problem is, Amstell seems to pigeon-hole himself to attract any viewer under the age of 20. Quite frankly, there's already a place for anyone of that age to go - It's Popworld.

    I do apologise for the generalisation, there are those under 20 whose tastes in music transcend their own lifetimes. It seems Mr Amstell's does not.

    The reference to Ricky Ross as an artist off the radar of the zeitgeist was unfunny, and in many ways unfair to someone with a formerly successful if sanitised pop career in the 80s. Phil Nichol has peddled the same act since he started in the UK, and we get A gobby Alesha Dixon who'll be famous for her husband sleeping with her best mate, and being a general cretin.

    Not the most auspicious of starts.

    It continues to Vanessa Feltz getting airtime and complimented when I was crying out for a Lamarr tradmark put-down to offend and shut her up with any luck.

    I've had zero interest in any of the guests thus far in this series (because I missed the episode with Stewart Lee unfortunately).

    I could care less if pop stars of the day appear (Lily Allen, Matt Willis etc) but would tune in attentively to hear Green Gartside, Roddy Frame, Glenn Tilbrook, or Paddy McAloon get involved in proceedings. Or a legend like Dave Gilmour next to Andrew Collins.

    And someone more musically astute than Mr Amstell at the helm.

    Failing that I'll watch VH1.