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  • Now I know that there were those who thought that the choice of host after La marr's exit was a bad one. They were wrong. Simon Amstell is a comedic genius when it comes to wit, and I can't imagine anyone else as host. Now let's write a review!

    For those new to the show, it is a British, comedic, music panel show, which deals with taunting its guests to a point where the audience is left reeling in laughter. The guests themselves make the show; some of them are desperate forgotten pop stars trying to claw there way back into popularity, some are modern pop stars who feel compelled, for whatever reason, to go on a show that is sure to ruin their reputation. And all of them make for compelling viewing. From the lunatic rants of Donny Tourettes, to the surreal comedy of Noel Fielding, all the guests bring some kind of style to the show, although ultimately they serve to be ridiculed by the scathing wit of Simon Amstell.

    Amstell has a quick mind, and perfect for the role of goading the guests. He mocks everyone, be it Preston, who actually stormed of the show in anger, to Jermaine Jackson, and quips about his brother, the famously weird Michael Jackson. To some new viewers this may seem cruel, but the charming, cheeky way in which Amstell handles it is addicting to watch, you will find yourself laughing so much, it will actually hurt.

    Joining Amstell are the team captains, Bill Bailey, and Phill Jupitus. The surreal comedy of Bill Bailey is enough to crack any doubters of the show's shell, and will have you in tears as he criticises anyone who has the fashion sense to dress worse then him (which is hard, seeing as he himself describes his look as Hippy crossed with Orc). Meanwhile, Jupitus brings his own style to the show, and is another perfect captain to accompany Amstell.

    The show features rounds that the guests participate in, in order to win points for there team to win. It sounds like a standard trivia pop quiz, but the way that it is handled, from the host inventing new rules on the spot, to new rounds based on the guests that are there, (Davro or Dennis was a personal favourite). This show is a quirky Pop Quiz, that is, in my opinion, the best quiz around. If you haven't watched NMTB before, I implore you too, you will not regret it, I swear.