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  • I have always liked Lemar as the host of NMTB but at the same time I love Simon Amstell, it is unfair to say that Simon is not a good comedian.

    Simon Amstell appeared on the show twice before appearing as host a few years ago and it was understood by everyone that his comic style would be different to Lemars. Lets face it no one would like to have another comic doing exactly the same as Lemar, we'd all get sick of the fact that he'd be copying and it wouldn't be Lemar. Simon Amstell brings something new to the show, showing a younger comedy that is love by not just adult but teenagers too! You have to be a brilliant host to keep the laughs coming in, especially when making comebacks on the spot. It is rumored though that Amstell may not be returning to NMTB as the last special tribute episode made out that Simon had recently died.