New Adam-12

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sniper

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1990 on

Episode Recap

Matt and Gus come out of the morning briefing and began their patrol. Their first stop, a man says he is being blackmailed by his neighbor's wife. They believe it is a prank by the local kids, but tell him he can contact the police detectives if he wants. While patrolling they joke about him being blackmailed for a tuna fish sandwich. Just then the patrol car window is shot out. They call for backup.
The sergeant goes over the another recent sniper attack at the morning briefing, a police car got it's side window shot out at 2am. The officer driving may loose one of his eyes. He orders everyone to be alert. Matt and Gus respond to a call of Jumper. They go up to the roof to try to talk him down. The guy turns on some circus music and begins tight rope walking across to the building across the street. Later at the precinct, the guy says he's not crazy, he wasn't going to jump.
Back on patrol, Matt and Gus respond to a call of a man with a rifle, they see him. He takes off running, Matt runs after him. Matt overtakes him and finds it is only a teenager with a be-be rifle. Later they get a call to see the man being blackmailed again. He shows Matt and Gus where he placed the tuna sandwiches for the blackmailer. They find a homeless woman picking up the sandwiches. While talking to the homeless woman, they get a call to back up and officer. The sniper is at it again. They check out the area where the sniper has be sighted, they hear more shots being fired. Matt sees the shooter and rushes him, he wrestles him to the ground. Gus comes to help, they catch the sniper. After work Matt thanked Gus for the help.