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FOX (ended 2008)

Likely to be renewed!

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    I have enjoyed NA more than i thought i would. Something cheesy,lame,angsty ala Moonlight,Highlander tv show/lame movie sequals was what i expected.

    It has surprising good storytelling and alot nice drama. I love the flashback,seeing his history. I think it even got better with ep 6,7.

    It reminds me of the good drama of Journeyman for this kind of series. Kevin Mckidd is better lead actor than Nic but both have presence and skill enough to carry the show. After Journeyman getting killed, it would sad and lame to this surprisingly good show to get canceled too. Its by far the best of this new season.

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    krisi1021 wrote:

    Sorry guys ... but this just out at E! Online:

    Click here

    Just read it. She's way off. Not on its chances but on what she's basing its chances on. Well, it depends but from what it sounds like is she's basing her analysis on that one interview which shouldn't be used as a basis for New Amsterdam at all apart from it obviously not being the best rated show. It obviously isn't up there but in that interview, he listed Terminator and Back to You as model examples for how well he wants shows to do which we already know New Amsterdam certainly is not. So right now, I'd stand that doesn't change anything. Still on an I'd say 50/50 chance for New Amsterdam.
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    i miss it already
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