New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 2

Golden Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on FOX

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  • John and Eva investigate a supposed suicide of a boy from a private school. They suspect foul play and their investigation leads to a sinister situation John must unravel. All of this brings back thoughts of Omar's mother and how John loved her.

    Another thoughtful, romantic, and suspenseful episode. Well written, solid performances, and great dialogue. Nikolaj Coster Waldau specifically is wonderful as John Amsterdam in this incarnation of his life. The pieces of his former lives fall into place like an intricate puzzle that is put together just right.

    Stephen McKinley Henderson as Omar brings a lot to his role as Omar. The performance at the end of the episode is especially touching. I find the honesty of this series to be refreshing and the way that John obviously loves his son is very real. What fine performances.

    The case still seems a little secondary to the complexities of his life but the way in which they weave the conclusions based on all of his living into the solving of the crimes is fantastic. Zuleikha Robinson is solid as Detective Eva Marquez who seems to have a little bit of a background herself. I like that they have given him a solid backup and someone you get the feeling he can rely on in a pinch.

    Yolonda Ross plays Lily Mae, Omar's mother and one of John's former loves. It was interesting how they showed his secretary was one of his daughters as well and how he must have weaved his lives together.

    Kids say the darnedest things and John's great-grandson mentions the possibility of getting his head cut off. John looks a little surprised with this revelation. Of course this is the only way to truly kill an immortal in many stories such as Highlander and some of the vampire tales.

    We find that John is a writing specialist or forger and we also find out he was fascinated with Omar Khayyám as that was the story he was telling Lily earlier in the episode.

    In the end the case is solved and the killer revealed thru a little slight of hand by John to get her to trip herself up. Nice ending with the father coming in to thank him for following through.

    Another fine episode. Thanks for reading...
  • Great episode it was fun to watch and answered questions about the series up front and prepared us for later episodes. An entire episode dedicated to one of John's past lives and how it impacted his present. In hindsight we should have guessed

    Great episode it was fun to watch and answered questions about the series up front and prepared us for later episodes. An entire episode dedicated to one of John's past lives and how it impacted his present. In hindsight we should have guessed why the entire episode revolved around an inter-racial relationship during WW2 era America. Seeing John struggle with his love in such prejudiced times. The subtle hints at the final revelation surrounding this episode were done well. Culminating with Omar being revealed as Johns son and explaining Omar's purpose. It was nice that he wasn't the typical side kick having a much deeper relationship with John.
  • A 17-year old high school student is found dead of apparent auto-erotic asphyxiation. Flashback: one of Amsterdam's former love interests reveals the nature of Amsterdam's relationship to Omar, his friend at the bar.

    A great episode that reveals something deeply personal about Amsterdam's past and shows you a little more about his character. I wasn't really expecting what they revealed, but think it adds a nice depth to Amsterdam that I really enjoy seeing. The show has definitely improved over the premiere. The relationship Amsterdam has with his partner is still strong, and I'm enjoying how they let her be a strong character, even though there's probably the temptation to let Amsterdam's character take the lead on investigations. I worry a little at how they are going to develop the relationship with the doctor and just hope future episodes are as well written as this one. I'm also surprised at just how much I like the main actor. He does an excellent job.

    One thing that still bothers me a little is how they have Amsterdam constantly "reveal" to others that he's sort of immortal or that he's lived a long time. How could someone that loose-lipped have kept his secret for so long? But, it's just a minor irritant. As long as they keep up the good acting, I'll keep tuning in (until Fox cancels it, which they do to every "supernatural" show).
  • A vast improvement over last week's lackluster pilot

    After watching the Pilot episode of "New Amsterdam" last week I was left with an iffy feeling: should I stay or should I go? No, it's got nothing to do with the legendary song by The Clash but rather should I continue to view this series. Thankfully, I decided to perceiver as you can't really judge an entire series based upon the pilot. And I extremely glad that I did!

    The storyline from this week's installment seemed to flow a lot better and it actually had me asking questions and guessing the suspects. If a show can engage me in the storyline then it must be something good! This week, we find out more about John's past and that Omar is actually his son! Having said that, this did occur to me last week after the Pilot as a possible plot twist. Once again this episode there are some great musical monatages and great directoral techniques. The musical opening was brilliant!

    After episode 1 I was annoyed that we had not seen any flashbacks to other periods of Amsterdam's life, which would make some nice storylines. This week, the producers must have received my telepathic message and we travelled back (figuratively, I must point out) to 1941, when John was been "persecuted" for dating a black woman.

    The character of Eva still continues to annoy me however, as she is so damn cliched! I think we have all seen the "I hate my boss who doesn't play the rule" person before!

    Hopefully, this series will live up to the quality that was "Golden Boy" and not slip back down to the level of the Pilot. Long live "New Amsterdam"!
  • Quantum Leap, anyone? Omar: The man, or the Poem? What Eva! Have teachers always sleep with students, or is this just a current fad? How many dogs did he have before he got tired of thinking of new names?

    I am so glad I started watching this show. It reminds me of one of my favorite television shows as a child, which was Quantum Leap. It is great to catch a glimpse into other time periods. I can't really say why that is favourable, except that you can never really guess as to where he will "land" next. I was quite surprised that Omar was revealed as his son. They have zero chemistry as father and son, but I guess that is why their relationship works. I loved the interaction between John and Corey, his Great grandson. John was genuinely caring without being overt about it. Corey was funny, I hope we see him again.

    Eva has to quit whining that John doesn't let her in on anything. It's already getting old. I like her character, I think she has some really original qualities, but unfortunately they are being over shadowed by a few VERY overdone qualities. But still, I think they work well together. But I think it could be better.

    As for the cop storyline, I watched this episode twice and still didn't much like it. Yes, capitalize on the current trend of teacher/student relationships. Yes, the teacher can even be hot, that happens in real life too. But the whole screwed up thing about the husband finding out, kicking him off the track team, the ex and soon to be current girlfriend gets her hands on compromising pictures - it just left me feeling confused and unfulfilled. It did hardly anything but show how John can relate to the victims of the crime, no matter what their background is. But who am I kidding? I don't much care about the cop story. I care about John Amsterdam.

    This episode was not as funny as the first one. But my favorite part was the fact that is dog in current times name is 36, and his dog in the 1940's was 29. Priceless!!
  • Well i did'nt see that coming.

    After the death of a student under suspicious circumstances John and Eva investigate, the only problem is the student attended a prestigious school and no one wants to talk.

    As well as Johns investigation we get some flashbacks from 1941 and learn John had a relationship with a coloured women, naturally frowned upon in 41, we learn that though it was a difficult time for John and Lily they have a baby son, who we find out is Omar his bar owner ( friend ) who is twice Johns age.

    We then get back to the students death, following leads and some dead ends John and Eva learn that the dead student had been having an affair with his teacher who after learning the affair could be over killed him.

    Again another excellent episode, I love the flashbacks and learn more about John and his background.

    Also loved the bit where Omar's grandson was with John on his search, John tells him a secret that John cannot die, the little boy asks what would happen if his head was cut off, which John replied that would never happen, nice little tongue in cheek reference to Highlander.
  • A major shift to one character puts the show in a new direction.

    I have to say, I didn't see it coming that Omar is actually John's son. It changes the dynamic between them greatly and really helps the show be more unique. The bits of John getting to know Omar's family, which is his own, were good, especially with the kid. The flashbacks were also done well with John not really understanding why a relationship with a black woman in 1941 is that bad, which makes sense given his long life. The modern-day mystery wasn't bad with some good twists and I like how the John/Eva partnership is going smoothly. The part of the girl blasting everyone as hypocrites at the boy's memorial service was great with the addition of the photos. And John using his past forgery skills to get the confession was also smart.

    But it's the bit with Omar that makes it stand out and good to see that even if Sara is "the one," John still has a lot of past to explore, which gives the show lots of potential.
  • **Warning - possible spoilers** John tries to solve the case of a prep school student's death. Along the way he remembers his brief affair with a woman from 1941 and his deep connection with Omar.

    I am really falling in love with this show! From the very beginning I found it to be fascinating, well-written and very well-acted. John and his partner are investigating the death of a prep school student's death and discover that it may have been murder and not accidental. Along the way, Omar reminds John of an upcoming anniversary which turns out to be the anniversary of Omar's mother's death - Lily, who died in 1945. It's discovered that Omar is John's son. John fell in love with Lily in the 1940's, a time when it was impossible to have a relationship with a black woman. The two have a brief affair but she breaks it off after her father learns of the affair. This causes John to join the Army, but he later returns just in time to find Lily has given birth to his son, whom he names after their favority poet - Omar. John eventually solves the case and gives Omar the very book of poems that he had given Lily, telling him that she meant very much to him and he wished she could have been the one. It ends with Omar playing the piano and singing while John leaves, full of memories.

    All in all this series is shaping up to be a good one and I hope it doesn't get cancelled!
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