New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 2

Golden Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • After John burns the fake note during the interrogation, the shot cuts to a woman, and then back to a wide shot, and no burning note of any sort can be seen.

    • While filling in his application for the Army his voiceover states his original identity:
      Name: Johan van der Zee
      Date of birth: June 1st 1607
      Place of birth: Amsterdam, Holland

  • Quotes

    • Eva: Autoerotic asphyxiation. Whatever happened to doing it the old-fashioned way?
      John: Well, this is old-fashioned. In the 1600s, people used it as a cure for erectile dysfunction.
      Eva: I want a new partner.

    • John: Watch your step, Omar.
      Omar: Or what? You're going to ground me? Take me to the woodshed? I'm a 65-year old man.
      John: You're also my son.

    • Omar: Cop dropped this off. Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, the real story?
      John: Close.
      Omar: I always thought Dopey got a bum rap. Just because he doesn't talk doesn't he mean he doesn't have something to say. And what's the deal with Happy? Why does he have to be fat? Are most fat people you know happy?

    • Eva: I suppose your parents knew everything about you.
      John: I really can't remember.

    • Maggie: So, is she the one?
      John: I don't know. Do I look any older?
      Maggie: You probably look the way you did when my mother married you 50 years ago.
      John: I miss your mother, M. I feel older.
      Maggie: Well, no wonder. You're about to celebrate the 300th anniversary of your death. Are you having a party?
      John: Small guest list. Just you and me.

    • John: What are you doing?
      Omar: I'm going out. A romantic emergency. And you're babysitting.
      John: What? I'm working a case.
      Omar: This is your great-grandson. Your blood. You should get to know each other.
      John: We agreed not to do this. We agreed it was better for everyone...
      Omar: Well, I changed my mind. You find this girl you're looking for, you're gonna die anyway. What are you worried about?

    • John: Nothing can kill me, either. What, you don't believe me?
      Corey: Uh-huh.
      John: I've been shot, stabbed, strangled, poisoned, beaten…
      Corey: What if your head was cut off?
      John: That hasn't happened yet.
      Corey: You'll die.
      John: I hope not.

    • John: You must be Hallie. I'm John Amsterdam. Omar's told me a lot about you.
      Hallie: Like what?
      John: That you never cried as a baby.
      Omar: She was like a little porcupine. Still is.
      Hallie: So don't get too close. It's late. I have to get Corey to bed.
      John: See you, Corey. Remember.
      (John puts his finger over his mouth)
      Hallie: Remember what?
      Corey: My babysitter, he can't die.

    • John: How's the baby?
      Lily: Beautiful, in a scrunched up kind of way.

    • John: (pleading with Eva to drop it) Eva...?
      Eva: (continuing her point) And just because you went to some fancy-pants Ivy League school, doesn't make you any smarter or any better than me. The Unabomber went to Harvard.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Highlander:
      The Highlander and Heroes:

      When John is telling Corey about all the things he's lived through, Corey asks "What if your head was cut off?" In the Highlander movies and TV series, decapitation is the only known way to kill an immortal.

      Similarly, on the NBC show Heroes, decapitation is also the only known way to kill the characters of Adam Monroe, Peter Petrelli, and Claire Bennet, all of whom have superhuman regenerative healing ability.

    • Jeopardy:

      When Amsterdam stops the ambulance to question the driver, the woman giving birth in the back asks if they can "play Jeopardy later." Jeopardy is a long running television game show hosted by Alex Trebek.