New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • good episode...

    I liked this one. Rape and murder...the worst things I can think of. It's always interesting to see different shows put their spin on a common theme. I really like how New Amsterdam did it; the flashbacks were interesting and emotional. It ended up that her own father killed her; that's terrible! I just wanted to go up to him and smack him! Why would you kill your daughter...and he had a terrible reason. Well, anyways, John's little love is going farter now and they're getting really involved. Big whoop...I think the love story is cute, but it does it pretty old pretty fast. Still, overall, good episode.
  • A murdered Nun leads John and Eva to a serial rapist who is killing his victims. The only women to survive wants to drop the case to avoid what you think is the ordeal of testifying, but a deeper darker secret is behind her reluctance.

    Honor Killings. There is no honor in these killings. I had to go read up on the subject as in our culture just the thought of doing something like this to a loved one is horrendous and despicable. It turns out that many of the female suicide bombers in the past years are rape victims who have been persuaded that it is in their and their families best interest to kill themselves for their families honors. This is taken to the point where rapes are planned so that there may be additional girls they can used as suicide bombers. There is one recorded case where over fifty women were raped for this purpose alone.

    I will leave that subject at that as I am a big believer in equal rights for women and to be honest this is very disturbing. I think the show did a wonderful job of depicting the ritual and John used his skill to get the father to confess in the end.

    I was surprised at how quickly the relationship with John and Dr. Dillane progresses. I mean she is still married if not recently separated. I don't think they really showed enough of the relationship buildup to warrant two people of such moral quality and intelligence hopping into bed together so quickly. This viewpoint coming from a man who is about as far away from being a prude as possible. It will be interesting to see how the relationship develops on an intellectual plane as that is really the place John will really discover their true destiny.
  • Not a favourite storyline but one that had to be told.

    As with all storylines involving the attack on women they shock the viewer and leave a bad taste in the mouth, but as I said this storyline has to be told, some do it in bad taste and some do it very tactfully, New Amsterdam's Honor was both.

    Now when I say the story was both tactful and in bad taste I don't mean bad taste as in wrongly portrayed but the way the last girl was killed ( by her own family and father ) then you realise that though this is a TV show theses Honor killings really do happen in certain countries and religions, New Amsterdam but this story to the eye of the viewer and incorporated this into its rape storyline, add to the fact that Johns back flashes also included a similar situation in the 1800's made the episode more compelling.

    Naturally John and Sara start to get closer especially when John finds that Sara is no longer married, however now that they are together is John no longer immortal or is Sara really the one.??? Stay tuned.