New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • ...for life is not a paragraph, and death I think is no parenthesis. John quotes E.E. Cummings, an American poet, painter, essayist, and playwright who was one of the most popular voices of 20th century poetry.

    • Take honor from me, and my life is done. John quotes William Shakespeare's Richard II. Mine honor is my life, both grow in one. Take honor from me, and my life is done. Then, dear my liege, mine honor let me try; In that I live, and for that I will die, the quote in it's entirety.

    • Mary Worth, the nun was reciting Salve Regina when she was in the emergency room. Salve Regina is one of four Marian antiphons. These are often used as spoken prayers.

    • Flashbacks reveal that John was a coachman for a wealthy landowner in the Bronx, circa 1813. A coachman is the title of a servant who drove a horse-drawn vehicle. Sometimes the coachman would have doubled as the stable hand or groom.

    • In this episode, John reveals that he has served as an Army Ranger, as part of Whitcomb's Rangers. Whitcomb's Rangers were formed on October 15, 1776 under the command of Benjamin Whitcomb. The idea was to have men working independent of the main Army. This unit was ordered to disband on January 1, 1781 as part of a reorganization of the Army.

  • Quotes

    • Santori: I've always wondered, Mank, when you work on a female, do you ever think of her as a woman.
      Mank: Not really.
      Eva: For the record, Santori, when I work with you, I don't really think of you as a man.

    • Sara: Ever think about doing something else?
      John: Every ten years.

    • Sara: You walk away from a major MI, no sign of cardiac damage, you survive multiple shootings and stabbings… you're either the luckiest man alive or the unluckiest.
      John: Well, that'll depend on whether you'll have dinner with me tonight.

    • Eva: So what's with you and that doc?
      John: She has a crush on me, she just doesn't know it.
      Eva: Oh yeah, you're irresistible.

    • (after John almost gets hit by a car)
      Eva: You keep that up, you're going to die young.
      John: I have good karma.

    • John: Is that an Army Ranger knife, Phil? Tactical fixed blade, serrated edge? Man, I always wanted one of those. I was in the Rangers, you know, Whitcomb's Rangers, you probably never heard of them.

    • John: You really think I got stabbed just to see you? That's a little narcissistic.
      Sara: I don't know what to think. You're a very strange man.
      John: You have no idea.

    • Omar: John didn't tell me he had such a radiant new partner.
      Eva: Oh, I don't think radiant would be the word he'd use. How long have you known him?
      Omar: Seems like my whole life.

    • John: Do you believe in true love?
      Sara: Whoa. That's a big question.
      John: Oh, it's the only question.

    • Durst: Do you apologize?
      John: I think you know the answer to that.
      Durst: It's just as well. Your death will be apology enough.

    • John: She was whispering something in the ER. I couldn't make it out. Just came to me. It was Latin. Salve Regina.
      Eva: Prayer of the Virgin Mary.
      Santori: How do you know the order? You're not a Catholic.
      John: Jeopardy question.

    • John: How many times have you been married?
      Omar: Enough to know it's supposed to be forever.

    • Eva: What is it about women that scares men so much, they need to rape and kill to destroy it?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • John Amsterdam: Jeopardy question.

      Jeopardy! is a television quiz game show based on trivia in various topics. The show was created by Merv Griffin in the early 1960s, and still continues to air on Syndication.

    • The nun who is raped and killed goes by the name Mary Worth, which one of the ER attendants remarks "Like the comic strip."

      Mary Worth is a newspaper comic strip syndicated by King Features. It centers around a middle aged woman who is known for dispensing advice on many topics and is a "do-gooder."