New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 5

Keep The Change

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on FOX

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  • A homeless man comes into the station to report that his friend did not die of an overdose but was murdered. John and Eva take the case reminding John of the time in his life when he became a recovering alcoholic. Things with Sarah are strained.

    An interesting episode with many different aspects. I liked the new Sergeant played by Susan Misner. The only thing was that she was a little strange with Eva at times. Brian Tarantina was good as Mick the homeless friend of the first victim. We get to see a very empathetic side of John from his days as an alcoholic and how he went about recovering.

    It was Omar that Mick first revealed his true nature too. I was always wondering if this was something he did with most of his families. Can you imagine the trail of people he must left in his wake over the years. That alone would cause a man to drink. His conflict with Sarah is not going to go away. He didn't choose the best way to reveal the truth to her. A person like Sarah is a doctor and a seeker of truths. I think he could have explained his situation in such a way to reveal the truth to her and not have her run away. Maybe that is part of his curse though.

    As far as the murders are concerned why is it some people believe they are above the law. Your good deeds do not outweigh the bad things you do. It was a tragedy that she hit the young boy on the bike but if she had revealed it at the time other than a little bad publicity what really would have happened if that was all that was going on? Even Manslaughter is better than the escalation to three murders. Her husband should have known better. Instead they dragged another person into the mix and now all three will go down for the murders. Not counting all of the many people affected by this.

    This show reminds me of Moonlight in that they are both about paranormal situations, but also in the fact that this is a very well produced show that really never got a chance to flourish. It's a real shame. I have seen five episodes so far and I would have to say that they have been pretty high caliber and interesting television.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Former drunk John Amsterdam recalls his old demons as he investigates the death of an addict.

    Amsterdam investigates an apparent drug overdose. His suspicions are that something more than a suicide.

    The victim's friend hovers about, insisting that the murder be solved. Kind of like a dog at the scene of its master's death. He demands the crime be investigated.

    Amsterdam presses for more information, doggedly pursuing clues in what looks like an open and shut case of an O.D.

    Woven into the investigation scenes taking place in the present are flashbacks. Amsterdam recalls his facing of his own addiction problem decades earlier.

    Facts and fiction are blended together to create an extra strong suspension of disbelief.

    Amsterdam shows his former weakness gives him a strength of character to help those who are like he was.
  • good episode...

    John and Eva investigate the death of a homeless man, which most people believe was an overdose. He was murdered, it turns out, by the driver that worked for a woman that opened a homeless shelter. That was interseting. I knew that it was either her of the driver, so I disappointed that it was predictable. Still, I really liked this episode. The flashbacks were good and we got to see how Omar learned of John's secret. I liked the whole alcoholic story line. John's relationship gets further and his girlfriend starts to question. Overall, just a really good, solid episode.
  • One too many.

    After a homeless guy informs Amsterdam his buddy died from an overdose Eva and John start an investigation which brings up some old ghosts for John.

    The investigation takes another step when a well known musician who's in rehab also is found dead from an overdose, John finds the musicians self help notes which tell John of the singers deepest darkest secrets, John knows about these self help books because John also wrote a few himself, and through flashbacks we see john in the 1960's going through rehab and a young Omar, anyway the books tell John the musician was in a hit and run but it's found the owner of a homeless housing complex was to blame.

    I've noticed something with New Amsterdam episodes, the writing dictates some of the more taboo subjects that are in everyday life, last week we had Rape victims, the other week illicit sex, and this weeks alcoholics, what I'm getting at is that some shows are too frightened to screen this type of programming and let's be honest this kind of thing is in nearly all our lives.

    The only problem I have with New Amsterdam is John is now chasing Dr Dillane but how is he going to prove his immortality has run it's course?? Jump in front of a bus, get shot?
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