New Amsterdam

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on FOX
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John and Eva investigate the murder of a bullet-ridden body found in Chinatown. However, the body looks similar to Amsterdam's lost son from the 1900s, Roosevelt. The case leads John to a crime family, the Spoors, which is led by Roosevelt's descendants.

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  • A murder in Chinatown causes John to remember his life in 1913 Greenwich Village when he was a painter. The body looks identical to his son and he discovers a new branch of his family tree. John is trying very hard to reconcile with Sarah.moreless

    A pretty decent episode but by far the weakest of the first six. We get to see a seedier negative side of John that is somewhat surprising. The truth is immortality must make one very unconscious of others feelings at times. Openly cheating on his wife with another woman that may or may not be just a diversion. We see another of his wives that understands the danger of loving an immortal but who eventually is thrown aside. A very negative image to say the least.

    The Spoor family tree turns out not to be so much the making of John's past but a symptom of the times the family lived in. His grandson made choices during the depression that changed the direction of this branch of John's family. Somehow you feel during the episode what's really important to John is not that the family is dirty but that he is responsible for it. That's guilt plain and simple. Truly a lot to get from an episode of serialized television. Maybe a little too heavy for the average viewer.

    They contrast the immortals family by showing Eva and her conflicts with her father. Somehow things always repeat themselves and will as long as human beings survive.

    The odds of having a body look so identical to his great grandfather and John's son and then having John turn up to be the investigator is astronomical as well. I am not sure the storyline was subtle enough. It sort of hit you over the head and was very unlikely.

    The painting sitting over the wall of the warehouse was interesting. You wonder why of all things would John's painting been taken in the first place and then still be kept by his family over all those years. That really was the impetus for John's wife to leave and usually you would not take something so personal to another person. I would have thought it would have been destroyed if taken.

    I guess the odds of all these pieces falling together is just a little too much to take. I did not find this episode to be overly genuine and it lacked something. Maybe some heart. I'm not sure.

    I liked how Omar referred to the Butterfly Effect as that is really a truism. How much does one really effect that much change when you have no direct effect or stimulus. You'd think after 400 years you'd have to have learned that.

    John and Sarah look like they are going to give it another try. With only two episodes left I am not sure we will get to see much development of that story. At least not enough for it to have a great deal of impact.

    Interesting story but disappointing in general. Again I have to state probably the worst of the six first episodes of New Amsterdam. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • good episode...

    John investigates the death of a young man that was shot in China town. The man reminds him of his son and he finds that he was related to him. He believes it is his fault that the family became a bad family. I didn't really like the story in this episode. I was really excited to see what would happen if John investigated the death of one of his children, but this was not was I wanted. The whole flashback story was boring and annoying, in my opinion. The idea that it was his fault...just boring. Not my favorite episode.moreless
  • John can out live his family and friends but not his descendants.

    Whilst investigating a homicide in China town John has a shocking flashback when the body of the murder victim looks remarkable similar to a son he raised during the 1900's.

    As John and Eva investigate it comes to light that the shooting is part of a gang turf war with a local Mafia type family and Triad type family and John Amsterdam is a descendant to the Mafia crime family.

    Through a series of flashbacks the year is 1913 and John is an up and coming painter, most of his work is brilliant then he suddenly loses his 'edge' and his wife and son want him to move and start a new life somewhere else, John feels he can get his creative skills back and finds a new model to pose for him, which he starts an affair with, his son Roosevelt catches him and run's off.

    Fast forward to the present and we learn that Roosevelt is the great great grandfather of the dead victim Alex Spoor and it's Johns job to track down the killer and put his own ghosts to rest.

    The series is moving along great and it's still not certain Dr Dillane is John's 'one', the storylines are brilliantly written and never dull and it's a show you never get tired of watching.moreless
  • What would it be like to outlive your children...over and over again.

    It's one thing to never die, it's another thing to actually have to live and outlive everyone you love. At the start of the episode, John finds himself standing over a dead man whose face is the exact image of his long dead son. John is greatly impacted when he realizes that this man is his direct descendant. He sets about to not only solve the murder but also to learn the fate of his son, Rosie (Roosevelt) who disappeared from John's life when he was 17. Nikolaj Waldau gives an excellent performance, showing the human side to immortality. The more I watch this show, the more I'm hooked.moreless
Susan Misner

Susan Misner

Callie Burnett

Guest Star

Adam Storke

Adam Storke

Nicolas Spoor

Guest Star

Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito

Derek Lawson

Guest Star

Jamie Harrold

Jamie Harrold


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In 1910 Amelia refers to Alice Craybourn as The Next Isadora. Isadora Duncan (1877-1927)was considered to be the mother of modern dance. She was also a poet, a critic of modern society and culture, and a champion of the struggles for women's rights.

    • The flashbacks in this episode are dated 1910, however Amelia mentions a magazine that was not published until 1911.

    • John used to be a painter of fine art during the early 1900s.

    • We learn that John has put together a family tree of all his descendents.

    • Mr. Spoor: De wereld krimpt.
      (The world grows smaller)
      John: De herinneringen vergroten.
      (The memories grow larger).

      John's accent is much more German than Dutch - most noticeable in the g sound - and in (modern) Dutch the sentence would be "De herinneringen nemen toe".

  • QUOTES (20)

    • John: Can I talk to you?
      Sara: You're a detective. Someone doesn't return your calls, it's a clue.

    • Agent Lawson: One step over the line, I'm gonna have your badge.
      John: Maybe you'd like to come over here and take it off me.
      Callie Burnett: Oh, boy, the measuring contest. We love it when you do that.

    • Mank: (doing an autopsy) Is it me, or are John Does the fastest growing segment of the population?

    • Callie Burnett: Eva and I, we understand each other. She just doesn't know it yet.

    • Callie Burnett: You know, Amsterdam, you and I should spend some time. Because I like to show a human face, and not a bad one, I might add, before I show another one.
      John: I've been through a million bosses, they all died happy.

    • Eva: Do not, ever, under any circumstances, think you're taking care of me.
      John: Furthest thing from my mind.
      Eva: It's just, my dad and I, we have problems. What about your parents?
      John: I'm an orphan.
      Eva: That would explain a lot.

    • Callie Burnett: I got a call from Organized Crime, they want in on the Chinatown investigation.
      John: Why?
      Callie Burnett: They like General Tso's Chicken. What do you care? Give them the case, there's plenty more where that came from.
      John: They can't have it.
      Callie Burnett: You don't even have an ID on the vic.
      John: We're close.
      Callie Burnett: Yeah, so is Jupiter if you're on Mars.

    • Mank: Oh, I got a joke for you. A dyslexic walks into a bra. A bra. See, he's dyslexic, things criss-cross... forget it.

    • Feng: How long you work undercover?
      Eva: Don't ask him.
      John: Did a 10-year stint in the CIA.

    • Callie Burnett: This is Special Agent Lawson, FBI.
      John: I could tell by the shoes.

    • Omar: Hey, you're 400. What you in training for?
      John: It's a release.
      Omar: Of course, now that you and Sara have done the deed, maybe you are mortal. In which case, you better be careful.
      John: Well if she's the one, then where the hell is she? The shaman didn't say much about voicemail.

    • Omar: (to John) If I took responsibility for everything you did, I'd never get out of bed in the morning.

    • John: Now, we'll get whoever did it. But I need you to let us do our job.
      Nicolas Spoor: One week.
      John: I don't make deals.
      Nicolas Spoor: It's not a deal. It's a promise.

    • Eva: You ever wonder why so many New York tenements are six stories high?
      John: Water flowing from the upstate reservoirs will go that high unassisted. Otherwise, you'd need a water tower or a separate pump.
      Eva: You really annoy me sometimes.

    • John: I like it, the darkness. In the old days, before Edison...
      Eva: You used fire. I know.

    • Callie Burnett: Partners. It's like marriage without the make-up sex.

    • Eva: You familiar with "malfeasance," Terry? Say a murder was committed and you had proof that to who was involved, but you withhold it. Any idea what you'd be looking at?
      Terry: So she's the bad cop?
      Eddie Marquez: She'll kick your ass out of your mouth.

    • Agent Lawson: Why are you talking to my superiors?
      Callie Burnett: Ah, I woke up feeling that today was a good day to violate the chain of command. Or did they call me? Well, whichever.

    • Sara: Just answer me the following questions... are you currently married?
      John: No.
      Sara: Gay? No, I take that back. Witness Protection?
      John: No.
      Sara: Terminal?
      John: Not sure.
      Sara: Do you want to spend some time together.
      John: Yes. Very much.

    • Omar: Your wife and your son, why didn't you go after them, John? Try to see them.
      John: And say what? I knew I had to leave them sooner or later. Better they left me.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Amelia: (to John at the party in 1900's) Read "The Masses", it's going to change everything. She is referring to a socialist political magazine that was published from 1911 to 1917. It was particularly noted for it's art.